High Heels Are Exquisitely Uncomfortable!

Yes, I know they're supposed to make women look sexy and gorgeous, and they're supposed to make a fabulous fashion statement, but they make my feet hurt, they hurt my back and always have, I've twisted my ankle in them more times than I can count, and they pinch my toes. There is no such thing, anywhere, as a good fitting pair of high heels, for my size and width foot.

They were invented by a troll who wanted to make women's butts stick out further and their legs look longer and sexually objectify them, and women buy  into that, because they want the same thing, really, to be sex objects.

If I had a daughter, is that the first thing I would teach her? "Go on dear, tart yourself up. Get up onto these stilts here, so your butt will stick out, won't you?"

I don't want to wear "sensible" shoes, either, great cloddy clumping ugly shoes are not my idea of fun.

But honestly, do we have to wear the stilts and look like tarts?

Who can wear them to work all day long and not feel agony? Why are we allowing the fashion industry to do this to us collectively? These people must really, really hate our sex in general, and want us to feel pain.
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LOL!!! Well...I suppose if they are worn while one is in a horizontal position....it would make all the difference.

That made me chuckle! Nice image in my mind right now but I don't suppose id be taking much notice of them if I'm truthful lol 😁

That's right....don't even LOOK at the nasty heels...ignore them completely....you certainly have the right idea!!! :)

Poor design drives me mad...perhaps because I studied design and I know that a GOOD designer is not supposed to cause damage with his or her design....counter-intuitive...an understatement indeed....

You might see me naked, but I promise I won't be wearing high heels. ROFLMFAO

Thank heavens!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so worried for a few minutes, there!!!! LMAO!!!

I have never worn high heels, but then, they would look silly on an old naked guy. :-)

Yes, they would...don't let me catch you parading around in them naked, either!

The kicker for me is that many women have no compunction whatever about dropping hundreds of dollars for shoes that are going to ruin their feet.

I'm all for your fix-it suggestion....some of that lingerie could NOT be comfortably worn for more than ten minutes either....so....heels for ten minutes or so...just long enough to drink the champagne!!!!! LOL!!!

I assume you're referring to the sort of lingerie that works it's way into places that makes it look uncomfortable....you can't beat good old classical sexy designs that make a woman all soft and feminine - I'm not talking tent-like though lol. Perhaps someone can answer the puzzle of why the less material there is in women's clothing the more expensive it seems to be 👀

Don't get me going! I could potentially turn into a fashion Luddite.

Pleasure!!! I am all for that!!! And high heels "ain't" it.....LOL!!!

Amen sister :)

I wore them in my 20s and 30s too but then decided the pain is not worth it. It is good to see other women acknowledge the same thing. They are over it. They won't cause themselves undo pain any longer. They have a choice. In some things we must experience the pain first and then decide what our pleasure is :) xox

When you go out...for a good time...or anywhere for that matter....if you are grimacing in pain...gritting your teeth....in serious discomfort...how is your personality going to shine through? How are you going to enjoy yourself? How are you supposed to enjoy life...or anything...if you are in pain????????

Oh, Rolle, I know what you mean! I have some heels which don't hurt too much, but I have some which I know were hand-made by Satan himself!!!! I refuse to wear things that make me uncomfortable. For instance, I have some underwear which rides up into you know where. I have started NOT wearing any. Not be sexy, but to BE comfortable. How on earth do these young girls WANT to wear thongs?! That looks so uncomfortable to be. It is just what I want to be rid of!!!!! As we age, we start doing what we wanted to do at 25-30, but were afraid to do. I refuse to inflict more discomfort on myself!

I feel your pain....SO much!!! I was just trying on shoes....I have to go to a dance....and of course you know I have to purchase a pair of appropriate shoes for my dress....just for laughs I tried on a pair of six inch spike heels with a platform on the ball of the foot. Designer shoes, of course, but I said to myself..."Are you kidding me? What was going on in your little tiny head when you were designing these?"

I HATE heels. I started wearing them when I was far too young and they ruined my feet. I have a high arched but wide foot and they do not make many shoes for that type of foot. I find that I end up wearing boring but comfortable shoes most of the time. Luckily for me my style lends itself to a more casual shoe, i.e. flip-flops and my ever loved Sketchers and Doc Martens. But on formal occasions I find myself cramming my feet into a pair of heels that will torture me for an evening and days after. I have tried wearing them for extended times to see if I could "get used" to them but it does not work. <br />
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I have just learned to accept that the fashion industry uses shoes to continue spreading their terrible lies about what a woman should be.

There are so many women who ADORE high heels (according to a question that was aired tonight) it seems that the designers will be selling them a while longer and I will have to continue my hunt for a decent pair of comfortable good looking shoes.....where are you, shoes? Where? Where?

I agree. I can't wear high heels without pain and sensible shoes are boring. Good thing there's more variety than these, you just need to have lots of time and patience to find them. <br />
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Those in the fashion industry do whatever sells, very few are unfortunately willing to design for comfort.

Agreed. I hate high heels too. I can't walk in them and I can't stand how they feel. They only kind of high heels I will wear that are comfortable for me are the platform shoes or boots that are probably two and sometimes three inches high but smooth to walk in. You feel sore in this shoes for a few days, but after a while you get used to them.<br />
<br />
Of course, they probably don't make your butt stick out and they're not always the sexiest shoes around but it's a good way of looking taller without all the pain of high heels, but it's all about comfort, right?<br />
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Man, I just realized I sounded like an advertising person. All I had to do was pretty much say, "Get out there and buy your own platform shoes here TODAY!" Sorry, my randomness is getting the best of me at the moment.