I Should Be Clear Here.

Fine, require some maintenance, we all need it honestly.

But take 2 hours getting ready? Thats 2 hours I could have been doing something else. Be constantly late? Grrr. Be obsessed with my fashion? Well ok, you can be, just make sure its ok with me first. Compromise here people. Compromise. You can have your little quirks, just don't go overboard on me here.
anteye anteye
36-40, M
3 Responses Nov 30, 2006

Taking two hours isn't so bad. I CAN get ready in 15 minutes, bath, hair, make-up. But to do it properly you really do need at least 45 minutes. And if it's an important occassion 2 hours is perfectly acceptable.

Your compromise comes in finding yourself a woman who is not high maintenance, or at least not as extreme as you describe.

Haven't you heard... late is fashionable!! And 2 hours to dress? Yep, that's me! Unfortunately 1 and1/2 hrs. of that is dressing... the kids!!