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i used to be semi high maintenance back when i was younger ... before kids  but it never took me over 45 minutes to get ready .. and as for having men buy me things " no thanks " ill do it myself Do not wanna feel like i owe you anything ..i love the music about high maintenance women .. Lik lil kim and trina  but  i really find it amusing especially the way they blast on people .. but im in no way shape or form high maintenance  i dont think i would be even if i had the money to be i love discount shopping to much its a great challenge
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It's the word 'hate' I didn't like... hope it wasn't used in too strong a sense. Not keen on anyone who demands too much ~ whether that's the same as being 'high maintenance', I'm not sure ~ probably in the same kind of category, though. I do disliked being used and drained and thankfully it is happening less and less often.<br />
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Well, that is the first comment I've made on this site :)

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I don't even think they are talking about *High Maintenance* women, I think the angry stories written here are from men, who ended up dating the wrong person. I personally totally disagree with the story written about the top 10 (11) signs and warnings of a *High Maintenance* girls, and hopefully they are talking about 16-20 year olds and not women who men often with condescension call *girls*.