My Ex-wife Was High Maintenance

I guess it's not so much that I "hate" high maintenance girls, as much as I hate girls that think the world revolves around them. Uh, HELLO, it revolves around me!

I really like a feminine woman: a woman who cares about her appearance, wears liberal amounts of makeup in an appealing fashion which flatters all her assets, dresses fashionably, and doesn't act like one of the guys.

But, there's a big difference from a LADY, and a high maintenance pain-in-the-butt. I don't care if the clothes she's wearing cost $20 or $20000, but I do care about whether she's gracious and kind. I don't want her to be high maintenance in terms of her requirements of what clothes I wear, what kind of car I drive, how much money I make, and what I will buy her; no, I'd kick that kind of girl to the curb faster than you can say "diamond."

I appreciate women who're high maintenance in that they feel they're a lady and expect to be treated well by men. Such ladies expect a man to open doors for them, be kind and well-mannered, and that sort of thing. They don't expect this sort of behavior as if men were simply their servants, but because they recognize that without ladies to open doors for, men lose a sense of their manliness. Such ladies realize that the man ALWAYS has the choice whether or not to open the door for them, or seat them, or whatnot, and appreciate verbally everything a man does for them.

So, in short, it all depends on your definition of "high maintenance." I'm a high maintenance guy in that I expect any potential girlfriend to be a lady--a lady I can open doors for; a lady who looks good and acts feminine; a lady who is intelligent, interesting, and kind; a lady who appreciates me, what I do for her, and what we become together. I'm high maintenance in that I bring the goods as a man (though not necessarily in terms of money, brand name clothing, or the kind of car I drive), and expect to be treated as well as I treat my lady.

Anyone who feels they're entitled to an undue share of love, attention, gifts, coddling, and so forth without offering the same in return...yes, that is the sort of high maintenance girl (or person, for that matter) whom I despise.
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Just putting this out there.....<br />
I am not high maintenance but sometimes I feel that maybe I ought to to be to get noticed like all the high-maintenance girls do. It seems to me that most men go bonkers for girls like this even if it means that all the paycheck goes towards shoes and accessories and getting a manicure. Most of us could look as good as these women if we were vain enough to spend all the money on our looks and didn't care about anything or anyone else.

Dang, put it out there! LOL No, seriously, I call these women, at least the ones I have seen, rugs. My opinion, only. I see passive women all the time and these women are certainly rugs. I am out spoken, getting educated, can open my own door and yours, lol and just an all around, can take care of myself, kinda woman! <br />
<br />
LOL Glad to see that you have standards though because some men lose sight of those after a while! LOL