Because They're Always In the Shop

Top 10 Signs You're Dating A High Maintenance Girl 10.You have Tiffany & Co. on speed dial. 9. You have "If Lost Return To [Her Name]" tattooed on your neck. 8. You remember who was President the last time you were right. 7. Your friends have put your face on milk cartons with the headline, "Have you seen me?" 6. She has a straight hairdresser and you're not at all suspicious. 5. Her girlfriends call you and ask for gift suggestions. 4. You decide to take yoga classes. 3. Your sell your gym equipment and take up scrapbooking. 2. The idea of a second job at Jiffy Lube to support her shoe habit does not seem unreasonable to you. 1. "Oh my God, that is so 5 minutes ago," is airtight logic for donating a Dior cocktail dress to the Salvation Army.
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Hahahaha! So that was ballz who served me that chalupa last weekend, Myo?

You've trained him well, Myo.

"The idea of a second job at Jiffy Lube to support her shoe habit does not seem unreasonable to you." Seriously, El, why is that unreasonable? ballz is working late shift at the Taco Bell drive thru after he leaves Jiffy Lube, and you don't hear HIM complaining!

Does this mean the yoga classes are out?

There is nothing quite so winning as the ability to genuinely laugh at one's self. Bravo CC. -- I know how you feel, watching a loved one in the clutches of a demanding princess can be painful - BUT - do you ever consider that these people find each other? I am of the belief that all of us construct our own prisons and then carefully select the jailer ideally suited to the task of making certain we are ever free.

Oh go ahead, he probably hates you already.

Or not. Dali's statement sounds bombastic and unseemly - therefore funny - but I feel as he did. <br />
<br />
I would be horrified to wake up and find myself Salvador Dali, he was one twisted monkey. However, when I wake up and find myself to be me, I am deeply honored and immensely grateful, I cannot think of anyone else I'd rather be.


A quote you may enjoy. "Every morning I awake and experience the greatest joy I can imagine. I realize that I am Salvador Dali." Salvador Dali

I don't ever want to know what scrapbooking is. Just the word scares me.

Silver01ta - Yes, I write all my own material, unless attributed. Glad you enjoyed it.

grins thanks

ahhh but worth a million !!!

Im extemely low maintenance....dont cost a dime...

Did you come up with these yourself? I have to say if you did, bravo. Quite funny.