In Defence

i'm actually really annoyed by the sterotypical views placed on females that dress to impress :p

i am FAR from high maintenance, in the sense that i love any kind of full contact sport, enjoy camping, i like big fluffy- gets -hair-all over you- dogs, I enjoy family functions and refuse to by shoes more expensive than $40. yeah, i'm cheap like that.

but i think that when a girl likes or buys things that are of a brand name, or straightens her hair every day, or wears too much make up because she doesnt think shes pretty, how can one justify hating a person based on the fact that they must not be very happy with themselves (hence the primping).

And if u do, infact 'hate high maintenance girls' what would u prefer? a woman with  raggedy and moth eaten clothes, bad hygeine etc...

like, i can't understand what u want. something perfectly in the middle? well, love muffin, wouldn't we all. hell, i'd like a guy who doesnt cry, but shares his emotions. is affectionate, but not clingy, has a good sex drive, but is not a horn dog. getting exactly what u want is unlikely... beggers cant be choosers

dont date high maintenance girls if u hate them, so u can stop complaining about them. it onyl makes sense...

rylnn rylnn
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1 Response May 5, 2009

You continue to amaze me