I Hate High Maintenance Girls.

Its annoying when a girl spends hours on top of hours in the bathroom getting ready jus to go to the store. I know a lot of girls that are like that and i just feel like its wasted effort.Plus God  only knows all the damage they cause with all the different products they use.

applescruffs applescruffs
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2009

They thing they're all that.

I agree. It is annoying when you are the one waiting for her to haul her ***. But that shouldn't get in the way of what you may actually feel for your girl, right? IF you two are dating, then both of you ought to have "pet peeves" about each other. This is where candid conversation comes in, adult, assertive, never aggressive or passive aggressive. Talk and work it out. Sure, it sure is easy for me to type it, but for you (two) to do it, is another.