Top Ten Signs You're Dating a High Maintenance Girl

Gentleman, too many of us fall prey to the High Maintenance Girl. And too many of us don't see the warning signs until it is, alas, too late and we have been reduced to snivelling, weak, insecure shells of our true, pre-High Maintenance Girl days. To that end, I present to you my list of Top Ten Warning Signs that You're Dating  a High Maintenance Girl. Enjoy. And get out while you still can-- denial helps no one.

Number 10: She wears hats (not baseball caps), especially of the wide-brimmed variety. Nothing screams Luvvy from Gilligan's Island like a damn hat-wearing girl.

Number 9: She ties a sweater around her waist. This one is controversial, but more often than not, a girl who tries to hide her big butt with an expensive sweater is high maintenance. See, what you don't know is that she spent at least 45 minutes adjusting that thing to look perfect. And what *she* doesn't know is that it just makes her *** look bigger by drawing attention to it and adding another couple inches.

Number 8: She loves to order wine with dinner. Listen, eating out is expensive enough, I don't need you to add another $36 for a couple ounces of liquid that you'll inevitably complain about. Truth: the happiest alcoholic moments in any guy's life have NEVER involved wine, so we obviously don't need it. The only reason we have it is to pretend to be sophisticated so high maintenance girls can like us. Lame. Super lame.

Number 7: You get dirty looks if your car isn't spotless, inside or out. In other words, she's embarrassed to ride with you based on the superficial aspects of your car. I'm a busy man and I park my car outside. Washing it today just gives the bird's a more satisfying target tomorrow. I'll wash  it for special events or if I become a road hazard, but anything beyond that is a waste of either time or money, neither of which I have in copious amounts.

Number 6: She comments on what you're wearing-- when you thought what you were wearing was totally snazzy. I'm not talking about the guys who wear threadbare clothing or mismatch colors or whatever-- we need to be called out when we do things like that. I'm talking about you wearing a nicely pressed shirt that you're pretty convinced is cool, and she just crushes it with the ever-familiar "Um, what are you wearing?" or my personal favorite, "Where'd you get that shirt?"

Number 5: You're always late wherever you go, mostly because she takes six and a half frickin' hours to get ready, wherever you go. Worse yet, to you, she looks exactly the same at minute 15 as she does at minute 380. Now watch out, because this one turns passive aggressive quickly. Soon, you'll start to notice that she's *especially* late when you're supposed to go somewhere with your family or your friends. But tread with caution, because if you bring it up, you can expect a royal crushing since she'll get emotional and say 'How dare you! I'm just trying to look good for your friends and family because I want them to like me!' Lose-lose situations are so much fun!

Number 4: Everyone can get away with things, except for you. Her family treats her like crap? She's still their lapdog. Her friends totally stand her up? No biggie. But you, my dear friend, better *always* be *perfect*. If you ever bring this up, wear armor. She will say something about how she holds her boyfriend/husband to a higher standard and then you'll somehow look like a jackass even though you're right. 

Number 3: You try to do something nice, and she totally misses the point and finds the one possible thing you didn't do right. Surprise her with breakfast in bed and she'll ***** you out for not making her favorite toast. Get her flowers and she'll make some comment about it being the wrong season for the ones you chose. I don't have to give any more examples, because the sinking feeling in your stomach is providing you with visceral reminders already.

Number 2: You have to constantly worry about her at social events. You can't just walk away and chat with some friends without making sure she knows where you are or comes with you. You're always concerned that she's not having a good time-- because she's not. She won't mix with anyone, and all of her conversations are superficial and your friend's all come away thinking she's cold and/or bitchy. You know the most demeaning part of this situation? You can't even go to the bathroom without telling her, lest she start looking for you and not find you for five minutes. You don't want that to happen as you'll get the royal *****-out on the car ride home and she'll threaten to not come to events again. You secretly celebrate that option, but can't show it.

Number 1.5 (had to squeeze this one in there): She refuses to drink water that comes from a tap, even if its filtered. This not only demonstrates high levels of maintenance, it shows that she's basically an irrational idiot too.

And the number one sign you're dating a High Maintenance Girl.......

Number 1: She rains on your parade. Not a drizzle either, but Noah's flood. If you're happy, your girl should be happy. If you're happy and instead your girl finds little snide remarks that on the surface seem supportive but over time actually dig at you, you have yourself a high maintenance girl. Want an example?

"Honey I got a raise"

"Great... now you'll never leave that job."

"Umm... thanks, I guess?"

There's more where this came from. I'm your soothsayer, your truth-bearer. I call it like I see it. Shoot me a line if you want to talk.

theTruth theTruth
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High maintenance women are real Losers to me since many of them believe that their God's gift to men which their Not at all. And many of them that have their Careers now really want a Rich Guy since they really Can't accept us men for who we really are since many of us men Don't make the kind of money that many of the women are making today. Their the Worst kind of women to go out with since they will empty your wallet out and leave you broke. The real good old fashioned women of years ago were Never like that at all which they were a lot Nicer and much Easier to meet, well i would really say that most of them were since their parents did raise them Right back then. I really wish that i could've been born at a much Earlier time since finding a Good woman in those days was certainly a hell of a lot better than today. And with much more women today being so very selfish, spoiled, and greedy, really speaks for itself why many of us good single men Can't find love today which we have No reason to ever Blame ourselves either.

And today there are so many women that are also independent, selfish, spoiled, and very greedy as well.

Real "high maintenance girls" don't behave that way! They are only the ones with pretense complex who do! ;)

She sounds narcissistic.

I drink spring water rather than tap (if possible, I won't make an issue out of it if it's not readily available), because most municipalities add fluoride to the water. And fluoride is really nasty stuff. Google it.

I now understand why my 18 yr rekationship has finally ended. Thanks.

It is too late when damaged already done :)

Wow! Well as someone pointed out, if high maintenence women are so bad, why are guys always after them? For #8 I like wine with dinner, but keep it down to 1-2 glasses, and I ask the guys first. And I take them out to dinner sometimes or cook for them. For #3, sometimes I get nervous at social events especially if I don't know anyone. Maybe that is why she is so clingy? Don't forget men can be high maintenance too. How about the guy who knows you are paying by the hour for babysitting then shows up 2 hours late for the date? Or how about the guy who wants you to take off your shoes before entering the car?(a friend of mine had that happen)

Also according to this, except for #8 I am not high maintenance. And I make a good living and own my own house so I don't need anyone elses. Although I did date a couple of guys who I suspected were looking for someone who made decent money and owned there own houses so they could move in and be taken care of. I am still blissfully single thank you very much!

Oh I don't know if it struck a nerve. I just know guys can be high maintenance also. And I like being single.

Sometimes guys call women high maintenance but they don't realize that they need a little work. They like the way they are, and a woman comes along and tells them no, and they get mad and defensive, and call her high maintenance. I've seen this with friends, and I've seen this with myself. For example, I'm married to a man who was a slob and was socially inept. He's gotten better over time but he calls me high maintenance. Sure I groom myself and am aware of basic social etiquette, but I've witnessed other guys who are just as bad and worse than my husband. No I'm not obsessed with money and materials, and will never have plastic surgery. I'm your basic woman with indulgences though, but I, constantly, try to moderate myself.

Back to men who need a little kick in the pants, and as an example: my husband. In the beginning, we'd go out and he'd literally look like a bum. One time, these guys asked me, "who's that bum your with?" Other times, people couldn't believe he was with me. He would eat with his mouth open and so loud; even now it's a little hard to listen to him, or I have to turn the tv up. He'd hold his knife and fork in a way that was like an infant, like he was retarded or something and then sit there smacking louder than the tv - you could hear him in the next room eating. He says he has a small mouth, which he doesn't. He just needs to take smaller bites... Why does he have to put the full plate of food in his mouth? Why can't he swallow first, and then put more food in? When people talk to him, he just stares off into space. He never said hello or congratulations, like if someone's getting married. He never tipped, and would return to the same restaurants over and over. And he had the worst taste in food and was a terrible cook.

Aside from these things, he's a great guy. I'd tell what makes him great but the post would be too long. I'll just say he's extremely manly and self sufficient, kind and patient and extremely affectionate and loving. He just wasn't raised well in regard to these matters. His family is just as bad as he is, and worse. But I'm glad he doesn't do most of these things anymore. And actually, if we were to divorce, he'd be able to get himself a woman and keep her, now that he knows where he needed work. Before me, he couldn't keep a woman to save his life.


I was born very sensitive to a lot of things, one thing I am extremely sensitive to is cold temperatures. I wear hats. I'm not high maintenance. I need it to keep warm. Baseball caps don't keep my head warm like beanies, berets and small upturned hats do.

I am also very sensitive to taste, especially if it is affiliated with a traumatic experience. I was repeatedly sexually and physically abused every day for seven months by two men. In that time, if I drank tap water, I threw up very badly. It is three years later and I am just starting to be able to drink tap water slowly without getting nauseous or throw up, thanks to escaping. I am not high maintenance.

I am slower than most people thanks to how I was born. It takes me a while to get ready but thankfully I start earlier in advance to give me that extra time. I am not high maintenance, just physically disabled, and my own family says I am low maintenance.

If I wear a jacket or sweater when I am out, and it gets warm enough for me to handle taking it off, I tie it around my waist so it is handy. If I carry it, it slows my walking even more than I already am and I need to hold on to the railing or wall if I lose my balance, which I cannot do if my hands have stuff in them.

Special note: your reason number two is not high maintenance. She is a controlling, domineering, mentally abusive woman that needs to get dumped if she can't treat you better.

Sounds like you didn't start out like that. Life handed your drinking problem. (I know it sounds like alcohol but I know it is water) And as far as tying your sweater around your waist it isn't a fashion statement.

As far as the hat goes I bet you don't have 50 of them and they are all over priced based on fashion. Clearly your abuse ordeal is a story unto itself and should be written.

The slow thing is a woman who is holding back not a condition. And as far as # 2 goes I agree. Other than that this clearly does not fit you does it? The conditions you stated were not included in this post and therefore can not include you. Or? Is there something here that does fit and you wish to take offense to it? Other wise I don't see a problem.

no I'm just trying to show the other side to men who might see these things and make a general assumption that all women that have these qualities are high maintenance. I don't take offense. just trying to show that if I have justifiable explanations, someone else might too. and thanks for caring about the abuse. I never even had my first kiss, boyfriend or first date before that stuff. go figure!

I have no idea if the guy who wrote this is even still around. I was notified of a new comment so I TOOK the option to reply. Sounds like it is time for the boyfriend thing now doesn't it? ;-)

To me this post was meant in jest at high society type of women with a twisted sense of self worth and the view of those around them. Like you might see in a movie or at a country club. I know they do exist and depending on the position of the man to these type of women can be humorous.

lol at that wink. If you want, I can discuss my feelings wiith you privately about that question that preceded the wink. But not here where the eyes of the world can see us. I do know those women exist. They and men like them have reputations that make us women or other men seem to be like a certain picture when the real picture has differences that take time spotting.

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This was written on October 2nd, 2006 and has its first comment from then. What Date is it now? Now that is funny!!! This comment 8/9/2012. The one before this was 19 minutes ago.

stay single, ****** easily fellas, if you own a house, even more reason to stay single otherwise somewhere down the track the ***** will have her eyes on your assets

She left and that was right.

I agree with the definition of a high maintenance girl. But why guys always - I repeat - always fall for that act?

Because it was never shown to up up front! Otherwise not no but Hell No.

LOL Loved this!! :) And since I don't fit any of those categories...not a single one...I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself right now. :)

And you should feel really damn good if that is true. You must be more like what guys ARE looking for! ;-)

I don't like high maintenance people, well ones that are selfish.

I dated one for 11 months and I am person that gets paid every week so the only time I hear from her to be calling me is on pay day and than telling me of all her financial problems which can stress anyone out since she can tell you whats happening and if you dont help her she will get hissy fit of hating you with a passion while I had to end it since its not my problem and she has the money to fix her own issues but prefer to waste it on her nails or her hair which is not cheap neither. The drive to get to her place is a about an hour drive but will she ever help me with gas money, hell no. Nothing but complaining which I dont think shes ever going to get married unless he has the patients and more money then what I make

I am sure your right!

OMG this is so me!!... And i didnt even know i consider myself this extreme:(... Thanks for sharing...

Hun, this list is crap. these are not the marks of a high maintanence girl. this is a list of what makes a girl a ***** and why her man should leave her - she obviously can't behave. Not every girl is like this - in fact, some girls wonder why men stay with girls with these qualities. A high-maintenece girl - she thinks she's perfect, she's not insecure and she's instead brimming with confidence. She's classy and most likely educated with a brain in her head and ... she doesn't need a man to stick to her all the time. She's got girlfriends to complain to, she doesn't need to rain in on his parade.

Oh for crying out loud. Wash the damned car!<br />
<br />
Guys with a dirty cars are more likely to have bad BO, dirty dishes in the cupboards and dirty laundry under their bed ... because they don't like to wash ANYTHING!<br />
<br />
p.s. Great post, katnap!

Thanks Katnap. Loved your post. Right on. To me, high maintainence just sounds insecure and snobby. Also likely to be miserable until she figures it out. Money really doesn't buy happiness. Look around and you'll see plenty of examples. There are also plenty of "high mainainence" guys w/ all kinds of social problems too. I'm cheering for gals that like to dress up because they like style. Also a big cheer for the granola girls (low key can be very attractive). *chuckles Yes, I'm a guy. Maybe I've just been lucky but I do think women generally are the better half of the human race.

Ok truth, you had me until......I see your story about how you prefer blondes. :( You sound like you deserve these high maintenance beyotches! :D

That's funny.

wooow thats hilarious i think i might do 2 out of the whole things...slightly.....yes pretty freaking funny..good job.. <br />
also redneck thing sorry but also very funny.....

Do you know what really ******* sucks, that realization that your not good enough for the annoying kid with the cankles. I now relate to those girls who are so self conscience that they starve themselves everyday until they reach slow suicide. Like you said before the only reason we are here is to reproduce, yet loneliness is the human condition. the fact i can so deeply stress about how i look and how i act around guys, yet im still below you is so many ways has drived my 100's of crying spells this weekend. the fact you would rather be alone than with someone as disgusting as me, shows why so many girls are destined to be like my mother. The stressful middle aged woman with breast implants and a constant need to please her husband, however with all that work she still gets cheated on, divorced, and dies alone. In the seventh grade a boy told me that I would be the 50 year old virgin and if I was lucky I could find a passed out ho bo on the street to rape. Looking back at the crying spell of that moment I now only wish to be that 50 year old virgin because it is better than having to let that one disgusting half of our human race; horrible enough to cheat, rape, and say something so horrible to a seventh grader, put his dirty ******* hands on my body. I now know why woman can snap and brutally murder their husbands. For any men who have a lack of respect for a high matience girl I hope every ******* day you look in the mirror you realize how you induced this vicious cycle.

Oh and don't forget:<br />
<br />

Number 11 : You have to surgically remove her ******* hand from your wallet several times a day!!..<br />
The Truth told the ermmm well the truth...good blog mate.

I like that one or rather number 11.

I don't think you can pigeon-hole someone into the category of "high maintenance" just because they have arbitrary standards and wear certain clothes. It's called thinking for yourself, and just because some people don't do it (possibly yourself), don't assume that everyone is a sheep in the same flock.

I would not call these traits high two were just incompatible with different tastes. From your story, a high maintenance girl would most definitely never give you the time of day. She likes a man who obviously has a lot of money, drives a flashy car and dresses the part too.

Perhaps she was a wanna be high maintenance,

OMG you just about described me - ok, save certain ones, but I am exceedingly fussy over my food, try to cook for me and let something touch and I'm refusing to eat. I try to be polite IF I recognize it as something you did special just for me, but that's just...ew...even thinking about it churns my stomach. Water from a tap - ick ew never unless it is pure well water - no city water for this girl that's just like totally gross and disgusting. Dirty looks, hell yes it's MY jeep - get it trashed and you'll be getting dirty looks until I actually get time to clean it out again.<br />
<br />
You get the point, but I think you left one out. A high maintenance girl never sees herself as such.<br />
<br />
Oh and I love hats.

I started reading this purely for entertainment purposes. A few of your points happen to apply to my guy, though, especially the one about social events. I'm in the midst of a breakup and you may have just made it a little easier for me. Thanks!

That was FUNNY. LMAO.

Not only that.... but really.... if this girl is the only one you could find to date that night -- buster, YOU'VE got some serious issues of your own!!! Totally!!!!

Hey!!! I know this girl........<br />

I used to work at a high-end retail store in the cosmetic department. I was quite a misfit and could not figure out why. Now I do not feel so bad and I'm glad I am not like that.

Only thing i match on your list is the lack of tap water drinking,...and that suits me fine, im high maintence when it comes to food and drink, then again i maintain myself and dont b***% and moan thinking a man would run after me..<br />
<br />
its not high maintenance its being particular...

There is a fine line and it doesn't sound like you crossed it.


Great observation. Looking closer in the beginning then all that can be avoided and you would get to miss all the drama.

Katnap that was a great response!

I can honestly say that I'm NOT a girl like this. Whats the opposite girl called? Any I found you story fun to read.


Dude, you are absolutely right. <br />
<br />
But by definition I beleive it would be insecure and or conceived

Thanks, guys!!! I'm glad I'm not alone in the feelinsof boys vs. girls at times...<br />
Frankly, i think us people sometimes want an exact copy of ourselves... or in some events... a mommy or a daddy. <br />
For me, the issues lie in trusting others. If anyone can sollve this problem....<br />
well, then you deserve a trophy:)

I am very proud to be a high maintenance girl!! there is nothing wrong with a woman like being paid attention too, men are the same way. Just because I like getting my hair, nails, look nice does not mean I am high maintenance. my husband married me because he loved the fact that I am high maintenance. I think you need to get a serious grip and know the differnce between ******* who are just cruel to a woman who likes attention.

I find some of your comments baseless.

My suggestions to guys out there...the ultimate test if the girl you're dating is high maintenance is to bring her camping or competitive sailing.<br />
If she comes with the LV bag, Dior sunglasses, cries when her nail breaks or complains about the have yourself a high maintenance girl.

Good one.

I think not drinking water from a tap however filtered makes sense..i used to and then got hepatitus be smart..:)


BELIEVE me that is not even high maintenance. that sounds to me like a SNOB.<br />
<br />
It's fine if girls are rich, as long as they appreciate their man and respect him and respect herself.<br />
<br />
It might be, that the type of female you are describing, they are slightly insecure.<br />
<br />
So what is a 'low maintenance' woman??<br />
<br />
I think, there is no such thing. You are describing a snob and that is that. Search for someone who isn't so shallow about appearance, how they look in their social group.

i dont drink tap water but im none of those other things.. and it is not b.c i am high maint. either its just the way i was raised... my mom thought there was poison in the tap water.......... <br />
however i buy my own bottle water i dont make someone else do it for me

My husband is what I call a "****-blower" or "Buzz-Wrecker". If I tell him he did something well, he mentions what he did, wrong, or how Looong it took him, or how he coulda done it better fifteen years ago (implication: before he married me and I wrecked him).<br />
Anything that I say I enjoyed, he points out it's flaws (or MY flaws). I used to consider myself a pessimist. Until I met him. Absolutely nothing is ever good enough. He can demean anything or anybody!

Have you **** down his wind pipe yet?

I can add these:<br />
<br />
1. She smokes. A psychiatrist friend of mine explained this one. Women smoke for different reasons, all related to insecurity. Avoid them.<br />
<br />
2. She adjusts the temperature and every other setting in your car or her's EVERY time she gets in, without asking anybody else in the car what they want.<br />
<br />
3. She cannot order from a drive-through window without asking at least one question on the intercom.<br />
<br />
4. She doesn't like dogs or cats because they are "messy".<br />
<br />
5. She parks in no parking zones so she doesn't have to walk so far.

KatNap got it right. Not all high maintenance girls are like that. Just the rich prissy stuck up ones. I get my nails and hair done on a regular basis and like to order a drink with dinner, not necessarily wine, but that doesn't make me high maintenance. Just because you're boring, cheap, lame and don't make an effor on yourself, don't hate on the girls who do just because they won't date your lame ***!

Exactly! I'm sure that if these guys had the money they would run for a high maintenance girl, they just don't because they are losers with not enough money and they have to settle with average looking or crappy looking girls. Im married to a doctor and HELL yeah i'm happy =D

Yeah...that's not high maintenance, that's just a ***** sweetheart!

LOL, LOL, I just love the way you write! I totally enjoyed your story about high maintenance women and I'm a woman. Even though I'm a femine woman, I'm not at all high maintenance and actually love men better then woman. I do know these women you speaking about, some of them are my friends. They are so picky about every little thing that is wrong with a man on the first date, that there is usually not a second date. I'm divoriced but still love my ex husband as a wonderful friend and always supported him and to this day, even though we don't have children, he comes over or calls. I'm engaged now to a man who can't believe how I feel because he was with bitchy women who treated him like crap. Some of those woman say when they meet a man who they are dating that they like, "what can he do for me". When I like/love someone I say "what can I do for him to make him happy." If more woman didn't pick at the little things, life would be more happier. Thanks for writing your story, you are very funny and a great writer. I felt like I was listening to Letterman on TV. Anyway, keep your sense of humor, in this world you need one to get by and enjoy your life. Take Care.<br />

I don't think women like this really exist

Oh thank god. That means I 'm not a high maintenance girl. I only wear sweaters around my waist because I have paint stains on my butt or whatever. And I plan on buying a VW bus that I can paint hippie-style. If there's anything to worry about, it's my boyfriend being embarrassed to be seen in MY car. Plus I hate wine and ONLY wear baseball caps. And dreadlock hats.

It makes me feel sorta comforted that there are others with experiences like my own. Thank goodness that I'm not alone in having had the bad experience. Still, we need to keep in mind that there are males out there who do the same sort of stuff to their girlfriends. Maybe we need to be better able to acknowledge these behaviors in our potential partners and stand up for ourselves before a "relationship" has matured to the point where one or the other will be hurt<br />
I know, with the difficulty of finding a compatible mate these days it's easy, perhaps too easy, to turn a blind eye to these behaviors and enjoy what we have.

I know the feeling, girlfriend showed all those signs for sure. She wanted to do vacation, a cruise and she'd pay her portion. Later it was well I don't have the money so lets do something simpler, fine with me.. Then the next call was you know what if we flew down to the Virgin Islands and did some snorkling, look up the details for us on the internet. I replied that I'd not waist my time on that and she hung up. I did not respond to her for several days then she called and proceeded to eat my butt out and it was then I told her she was history. Thank God and At&t she's gone.

Maybe you should consider why you find such women so attractive. Ofcourse she behaves that way, you allow it. And so will the next poor fool

This was totally unexpected; I was just surfing the site to check out what's going on and found this. At first, I laughed and thought it's like some comedic routine. Then I began to see myself and my old Girlfriend. Then I got the shivers, "Are there more of her out there? She wasn't bad, I would still care for her as a person. But a lot of these points describe our relationship quite exactly as it was. Luckily, I (after 4 years) never quite measured up to her social expectations and met another woman who is the most beautiful, loving, smart, shapely woman in the world. My Wife and I have been Married for 11 years. Thinking about it now, if I'd stayed with the first one then these past 11 years would have seemed like 11,000 LONG years. MAN, I got LUCKY!

U forgot to mention those who are emotionally immature and always need you to be there 24/7 - those are real emotional drainer and should be considered high maintenance as well

if you can't handle it, stick to your jerry springer types<br />
most girls who are high maintenance have achieved that level by hard work and they are not going let some bozo lower their standanders

exactly! they are just a bunch of losers! cheap ones!

I feel like I've dodged a bullet here... I have been assured in the past that I am indeed high maintenance. However, according to your list I am not... Yeah Me ;-)

Hey theTruth, I enjoyed the story. Not only did it make me laugh, but it's so true! Someone tell me if I ever start turning into a high maintenance girl, aight?<br />
<br />
Thanks for the laughs :)

I would have to say that a few of the things you have on your list are definite signs of dating a high maintenance girl but the rest sounds like a girl who is very insecure.

Someone finally said it.

I would have to say that a few of the things you have on your list are definite signs of dating a high maintenance girl but the rest sounds like a girl who is very insecure.

I don't drink tap water, and I am not a high-maintenance girl. He went a bit far saying people who drink bottled water are idiots. He obviously has not tried drinking Ft. Myers city water. It tastes and smells like bleach. <br />
<br />
Other than that, she sounds like a total *****. She only further proves the fact that she's a ***** in her rebuttal (katnap) when she talks about the bringing of the breakfast. If you don't want the egg McMuffin, make your own ******* breakfast.

I am so low maintaince it is not even funny. The only one of these things I do is wear a hat. I love hats they are fun. Most are like a fishing cap. Not like lovey, more like Gilligan himself.

For those who consider wine to be an expensive drink, I have purchased boxes at bargain prices. I went to my local auction and aside from being a fun day out in itself ( came home loaded with lots more than wine) I managed to get my wares for between £17.00 - £23 per box. For this I came away with boxes of good quality wine with either 6 or 12 bottles in each box. Now that aint bad per box in my opinion and if anybody thinks that is expensive then you really are on a tight budget in which case buying alcohol of any sort would be a luxury best left alone. lol I looked up my purchases on line and not only were they of high quality but the average bottle ran at not much less than the price I paid for the lot! Oh and for those who worry about being drunk if they drink wine, a, you can get drunk on any alcohol not just expensive wine b, adding soda to make a spritzer in white wine makes a lovely refreshing long drink, again costs less , lasts longer and prevents being drunken states. (Well you would have had to have had a fair few if you did get drunk on them and if thats the case poor you!) . Instead of going out for an expensive meal, option is to take those boxes home and keep them for all those times you can share intimate moments at home making dinner together, lighting those candles indoors and out and having a conversation together, maybe even having the opportunity to iron out all those issues you have about each other. Amazing how they can get sorted when food, wine beer or whatever and maybe something else later is in the equation. If we all talked to each other like humans instead of treating each other as a different species ..........

What about high maintenance guys? I feel sort of trapped in a relationship with one actually.. I wish people had more of their own lives.. does anyone think that you can be married but have your own houses?? I need my own space more!!

no more for me thanks...<br />
"Some guy somewhere is tired of her $#!+" <br />
<br />
BRAVO my good man!

That was too funny and cute. I am somewhat like that only I don't mind getting dirty and I'm not insecure. I like nice things but I can get them for myself :)

Sleep-deprived yes but i love this group,i went thru hell ,shoulda write a book of 101 signs,took ages to break free,needed emotional rehab.strung me along .,pretty much strung me up,moved in ,and it was like a torture..mind games,..i was in love,which is a non-logical state, and got worked over big-time...For example halfway into the road-trip,..planned for months"oh by the way i'm seeing someone else"even though we just slept together,,,but very happy now,..single with dog,open to love but not abuse..nice girls-we all love you!!

Hey, guess i'm half way there then hun! I lurve wine, helps me to get leathered (hic) so that I can go off and chat to all and sundry when i'm left on my own. Not that I ever am that much cos luckily for me I have a guy who appreciates me and worships the arse off me! He likes that I take care of my appearance too. Shucks! Ain't I the lucky mamma? As for the other stuff, take it or leave it. Depends on the mood i'm in. Sometimes I love dossin and don't wear a scrap of make up and then other times I feel like being a knock out! As for anything hanging around my backside, hey this ain't cos of my arse hun. This is cos I've got warm in what i'm wearing and its a pain to carry. Must admit some of what you said did amuse me, infact quite a lot and I can understand your frustration when not being appreciated for doing brekki. I love everything my man brings up for me cos whatever it is he's thought of me. I would like to add that I would do the same for him too. It's called respect and treating each other right. Hey none of us is perfect, woman or man. As soon as we accept that the better we might all get on.

Guess I am not that high maintenence after all. Only 3 of things on that list are me... I wear hats, like wine with dinner and have an affinity for clean cars.

I like Katnap's version from October 4th 2006 better. :) But this post is really funny tho. The guy knows what he's talking about.

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I'm laughing right mow because I can totally see myself in some of these examples. But I never considered myself to be High Maintenance.

Then I would guess you didn't have the insecure side of it all.

They say the qualitys you don't like about others are ones you have yourself. So maybe you need to take a good look in the mirror. Lols I really liked it. I was ****** myself laughing. I will have to make sure my husband see this...

to many women and men are in a fantasy land and need to grow up here if your being used then relize it dont be girl whiped here ~ cause you will be very depressed if you dont come to your sences

well what you call high maintenance is really called materialistic women all i say to all the men is dont even barther with them cause they only remain with you cause of wealth when you have nothing to offer left they leave even if someone loses a job and are temporaly unemployed they walk away and have no paitence is it total deception ~ better seek ones that dont go after wealth but cares for you weither you have money or not<br />
your not a bank. nor need to be treated like one where is your respect for your self never let them ever control you .<br />
its absolutly discusting.

Truth, Katnap and Shaylon your posts were hilarious whether they were supposed to be or not. lol<br />
<br />
<br />

They have a title for girls like that..... crap what the hell was it...hang on.....oh tahts right "Self righteous-overbearing-air headed-bimbo" nice to know i'm not they only one who sees this.

I don't suppose you have a list about high maintenance boyfriends?

The girls should do one of those.

If I had a girlfriend, and she acted like that, I'd b*tch the **** out of her. I'd never want to date someone like that.... Ew.

Great, satirical right on article. I am glad I didn't see much of me in these.

Dear friends,<br />
Katnup very really nailed him.<br />
Couldnt stop rolling with tears,shes so good.<br />
<br />
But is she saying there are no real HMGs?<br />
<br />
By the truth makes a good reading,but katnup was simply apt.<br />
<br />

Haven't read all the comments but justed wanted to say that tap water is actually more likely to be better for you anyway as it has to be tested way more than bottled water, I saw it on a TV docu I watched...... :)

im not a high maintenance girl. i hate them. im me and no one else. <br />
<br />

Oh the Truth,<br />
<br />
This is the funniest thing I've read in a while, and the reply by katnap is it's perfect balance.<br />
<br />

Yeah, I use to be with girls like that, but the one I'm with now isn't high maintenace at all. It's cool, that just means that I can spoil her from time to time and it will be appreciated and not expected.

I liked the comment that it's fun to be high maintenance. It is, because I know I'm worth it! However, high maintenance and ***** are different in my vocabulary.

It is the mix that seems to be the biggest problem.

Lol good one katnap.<br />
<br />
And also; taking SIX hours?!That's completely unrealistic. <br />
<br />
the most I've ever known someone take is three, and that was all professional mak-up and stuff.

I prefer ladies to just be themselves