im still in high school and there is so much drama at my school that someone is literally gettin kcked out of skl almost everyday.Im glad that at the moment im expelled from skl so i dnt hav to deal wit it cuz i was always in the middle of sum1 elses drama.Ive came close to fightin alot of girls and guys before for **** they started but my friends pulled me away so i wudnt fight.The drama ive been in has been over stupid ****,and it was pathetic!! If i go back to skl i kno theres guna b alot of drama but im nt guna let it get to me cuz i can not stand the high school drama anymore.It doesnt solve anything it just makes more problems and if u fight ur guna get suspended or expelled dependin on how bad the fight was and if its ur first time gettin into a fight..the major drama at my school is RELATIONSHIP DRAMA.its so stupid even tho yes ive been in that.cuz stupid little ******* gets pist with me cuz their bfs are flirtin wit me.not my falt i get the guys,im nt a ***** either guys just lik me cuz im different from all the other girls at my school...
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
Sep 30, 2011