Highschool Is Supposed to be The Best Years of Your Life! Wait, What?!

Whoever came up with that phrase was either stupid or a compulsive liar.
Or maybe a perverse combination of the two.
I'm not gonna lie, I hate highschool. I'm in the last semester of my junior year and I can't take it anymore. I seriously thought about dropping out this year and getting a GED but then decided against it considering I only have one year left. Senior year. College stuff, FAFSA stuff...yeah the important year.
It's not the work that gets me. It's not waking up at 6:30 every morning that gets me. It's the people. Specifically the other students. I also despise the lack of non-conformity and uniqueness, but that doesn't apply to this specific story now does it?
Now I've always been mature for my age, I've always avoided drama, and I've always accepted people for who they are. I've also been pretty good with not judging people before I know them there and also not piling into insults and comments towards others. If only there were more people in highschool like me.
But here, ever since I moved from NC and came to Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, ME (sounds like a delinquit school, and it might as well be,) the people have only gotten more bitchy, mean, judgemental and bully-ish. In NC stuff was never this bad. It seems up here though that the people have nothing better to do aside from harass people, get drunk, have sex, and get high (I'm not exaggerating.) Quite frankly, I think's its sick. And when your surrounded by drunk, high, bitchy ****** all the time, it gets to you. Yeah sure, I've never been a direct target of bullying, although people have tried. Last week someone tried spreading a rumor around that I was anorexic. Sure, I used to be anorexic, but I'm not anymore. It brought back memories, made me feel like crap, but then I ignored it and they left me alone. Well, not entirely. They still give me these dirty looks and such and I secretly think to myself, "Ya know what? **** you."
It amazes me how insecure people are. Why take out all your pent up rage, fury, insecurity and bitchiness out on people who have legitimately done nothing to you? People like me. I wish someone could explain that to me.
A main target of bullying and cyberbullying here at this delinquit academy is my sister. Sure, she starts drama, she makes fun of people, she talks crap sometimes, but it always backfires on her. I love her to death, but I feel the need to protect her all the time. As her older sister, I feel obliged to it. I don't let people get away with saying stuff about her...In fact the last kid who started drama with her, I punched him. Yeah, you heard me. Not in the face, in the shoulder but it seemed painful nonetheless. My hand hurt afterwards. See? There is only so much people can take, and even though the bullying isn't directed towards you, you still feel as though you must protect others--well that's how I am at least. After that, the kid went to the Dean and tattled on me, but to no avail. Actually, the dean told him this, "Well considering what you've been saying about her sister, I would've punched you too. Just be lucky...you got off easy by only being punched in the shoulder."
Thats what I'm talking about, with me around, justice gets served...
Anyhow, it's all the drama, immaturity, insecurity and such that get to me. It's what I HATE about highschool. It's distracting and I feel as though I'm not safe in my own damn school...I can't learn with people acting like this. It really gets old...
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Same here, it amazes me. I see people going up to other kids accusing them of talking **** about them or someone else. I find it funny when people accuse someone of talking **** about them. It's as if they think that person actually goes out of they're way to talk bad about them. It makes people seem so egotistical. <br />
I can't wait till someone pulls that one on me, I know just what I would say... "It's nice you think about me in your spare time, but sorry, I would never waste my precious time talking **** about you." It's true.<br />
As for drama, it's simple, don't be a ***** lol.<br />
I hate hearing girls complaining about drama constantly, if they put even the SLIGHTEST effort to think before they speak or do **** none of the drama would be around.<br />
<br />
It's a matter of being respectful, it amazes me how hard it is for some people to just be respectful.<br />
I wanted to switch out of school since 9th grade(My high school has 8th grade so we spend 5 years here) I didn't take me long to realize I wasn't fit for this place.<br />
<br />
The teachers let kids get away with too much, which in turn prevents other kids from doing as well. Very frustrating situation isn't it?