I hate how by the time you're in high school, most people have impressions of each other and have cliques and groups of friends that they cling to and guard closely. How by then they see you as the shy, quiet girl who "doesn't talk" and think you're actually naive enough to just hand them answers when they're too lazy to do their own work - and then, how they think you're mean when you tell them they should do their own work or they won't get anything out of it. How the teacher has to break someone else's work group because nobody chose to be your partner, and then you feel like a complete jerk. How you don't mind being by yourself but so many people say "I don't know what I would do without my friends" that they can't fathom that just because you're alone doesn't mean you feel lonely. Or, when you do feel lonely and wish you had friends too...not even because of the peer pressure, but just because it just seems like one of the natural, best things in life.

I hate how high school, meant as a place for education, is so focused on academic achievement. How when things meant to build other aspects of character like speeches about treating people with the golden rule, or charity drives come up, they always offer up some kind of initiative, and that's the only reason people donate or act nice.

I hate how so many kids only care about the image of the grade, not the effort, learning. And worse, when they only care about that image because they don't want to anger their parents and prevent their privileges from being suspended.

Worst of all, I just hate the judgment and hypocrisy regarding it. We all go through so much of the same stuff, but we assume that we will never understand each other and gravitate into our own safe corners of the universe. I know, there's a lot of soul-searching, battles between oneself and all of the people and aspects of the outside world, and confusion in adolescence, but it almost becomes just plain silly sometimes.

I mean, it's not all bad, but there are just some things that really irk me about this whole experience. >.<

Sielde Sielde
3 Responses Aug 25, 2008

If you are really a 16-17 year old--you are wise beyond your years. Just be yourself and I can promise you--you will do fine!

I really REALLY liked that! It's nice to know that someone shares my feelings.<br />

I agree completely!! I could not have said it better myself.