I have all these girls look at me in High school cause apparently I'm good looking but I don't have the confidence to talk to any of them. Every time I do, they're either not interested or some other guy comes and sweeps them off their feet with confidence... I hate high school
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Don't worry about that. It will happen in good time. What you're feeling is normal for your age. Maybe if you concentrated more on making friends (either gender), something will just happen on its own. :)

Well stop only showing interest in girls you want to be involved with. When you see a girl who looks particularly nice, tell her. If you overhear a girl talking about how she loves her shoes or the jacket she has on, wait a while and then walk up and compliment her on whatever she was talking about.
You decide how much confidence you have. Get out there and practice and stop complaining about it.

Lol I actually do that a lot lol

Well obviously you don't push yourself enough! Stop letting the world get the better of you and take what you deserve.

Well it's not really high school fault for you to hate it.
Confidence can be also built with practice.

I only have practice with like 2 girls lol. One of them cheated on her bf with me and then went back to him without telling me. Not exactly a confidence booster. The other left me for some band member so....

Well then maybe you are just attractive but missing something in personality, work on that and try again ?

Well I'm one of the most popular kids in my grade. Everybody knows me cause I'm funny as hell apparently. I just get nervous when I see pretty girls ._.

Or girls with like really good personalities like my 2 friends sierra and sierra lol

Well then you are screwed!
Nah, if you are nervous then it needs only practice, just try to practice with normal girls and by that I mean not the ones who are paying attention to you only because of your looks

Okay c:

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