Before you read this, listen to this song while reading this and I think everybody who reads my story will get it.

It's already the fifth week of school and I've already gotten bullied by 40 different people. Friday was the final day, that I could take anymore. I kept getting punched,spat at, and kicked everyday. So on Friday, one of the teachers saw me holding my right arm and asked what was wrong so I told them. They told me to go to the bathroom to check my arm out and when I did it was all bruised up and a bit swollen, and so were my legs. So, they told me to go to the counselor's office and tell them everything and show them my arm and legs. When they saw my arm and legs they immediately told me to go down to the nurse and to the principal's office. When I did they were asking lots and lots of questions, so hopefully I'll be able to be home-schooled and that the school will take care of the person who was bullying me. So, yeah.

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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

I hope you get the help you need. If the school doesn't do anything about it then just walk to the front desk of the nearest police precinct but do it well before your injuries fade. Violence is a crime!