A lot of people tell me that there's no reason to be stressed out because "high school is fun" and I'm just over exaggerating. It honestly doesn't feel all that fun, I'm in my sophomore year and I hate it so much. I have a couple bad teachers in some of my classes and they don't know how to teach correctly and I just don't understand anything. I have at least 2 hours of homework each night and I barely ever have time for myself anymore. I get stressed out so much from school it even causes me to break down and cry... Does anyone feel like this sometimes?? :(
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I didn't like high school either. Stay in the moment though. Although life does get much, much better after high school, don't just sit around and wait for the time to go by. Instead sharpen your stress management and people skills. They will be valuable skills that you can utilize throughout your life and it will make you a stronger person. You don't have to figure it out on your own though. Find someone who is successful in using those skills, and watch and learn. Do some research, and always keep learning.

Thank you :)

You're welcome

Also everyone says "High School goes by so fast" and it feels like it's going slow as hell... :(