I just can't stand her.  And not because she is a woman. I would LOVE a woman President - if it were someone I respected. But I can't respect her. She is a two-faced liar. And she is not a leader. She is a follower....of her husband.

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yes, yes, yes! i couldn't agree more. wasn't one clinton presidency bad enough? the last thing we need is another one trying to take over.

I so agree with you. Both she and her husband are 'two of the greatest white collar criminals' of the last century and this one. Neither of them have ever had an original idea ... all taken from Marx & Engles.<br />
<br />
Remember, if their mouths are open they are lying.

I can't think of one respectable thing she has done, ON HER OWN, her entire career.


hell yeah celainn

I say the hell with politics

Politics is pretty bullshit, i mean basically all politicions are crooks to some extent

For one thing, she has experience facing down the right wing swift boaters who have examined her marriage, sexuality, job history, management style, personal relationships, land dealings, healthcare reorganizing. She has withstood criticism of her hair, her laugh, her voice, her ex<x>pressions, her notives and her loyalty of love of her husband. To just name a few. And she has emerged from this onslaught with not a knick on her. Standing tall and putting on a damn good run for the highest office in the land, with the guarnatee of holding the Senate seat for the great state of New York for years to come, no matter what the outcome of this race. Brava!

What cracks me up is those that say she has experience.....<br />
<br />
Experience at what? <br />
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My ex husband was a company commander in the army....maybe I should call them and see if they would like for me to command some troops....after all....I have "experience"....LMAO