A Fighter For Us!

Go Girlfriend!  Go Girlfriend! To the Whitehouse! To the Whitehouse! Keep Fighting! Keep Fighting! Fight for my family! Fight for my food bill! Fight for my gas bill! Fight for my health premiums! Fight for my tuition bills!  Fight those neanderthal mysoginist cowardly terrorists!  "B*I*T*C*H IS THE NEW BLACK!'  Yeah!

LilAnnie LilAnnie
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9 Responses Mar 5, 2008

She always fights with someone else's money.
Where is her c!into foundation?

I can honestly say, here at EP, its been 99% good.

She and bill have emassed a huge fortune. Doesn't that make the part of that 1% that she is always fighting?
She has been feeding you people **** for so long, you think it is caviar.

The faded background message in this comment box reminds me to please reply with respect so...can't express to you what I am feeling about the tone of your comment! Oh well.

You're right. I've noticed that she's really aged. Stress will do that too you. <br />
<br />
Memory Lane? I hope that's a good thing. :~)

$vrUnique, you sure are taking me down a trip on memory lane! Hahahah. Yeah, she made great strides for women just by running...she looks soooooo tired now, the poor dear. Someone said recently that the girl has spent eight years in the White House being pummeled by the right wing, went right to a Senate campaign and a term in the Senate, right to a Presidential campaign and now heads a State Department that is running circles around the globe, putting out fires. No wonder she wants to take it easy next term!

I was like Whaaat! You HATE Hilary Clinton!? That's a shame. She's one of the best former first ladies to have made a profound difference in the US (along with Eleanor Roosevelt).

Oh boy. I was gangbusters that day! She had just won the Pennsylvania primary, I think. I had been defending her for weeks before this.

"B!tch is the new black"! See... THIS is why I love you, LilAnnie! XD

oy... what's wrong with you... *****? what's good about a *****. <br />
They just make the war worse.

I'm so happy. What a gal!