She Scares Me

I think Hillary:
knows nothing but soundbites
is funded by republicans
has no personality
should have gotten a divorce if she wanted to show strength
pretends to be a liberal democrat
is a threat to society
plays on the fact that she's a clinton
thinks that just because she's a woman it should get her elected
is masculine
should take a lesson from Yulia Tymoshenko, Pratibha Patil and Michelle Bachelet
is a robot
antibiotic antibiotic
26-30, F
4 Responses Aug 5, 2007

Funded by Republicans? Are you referring to the people on wall street here or what. If so remember not all rich people are Republicans.
Also I read **** Morris's and he brings up the fact that right after Bill get elected Attorney General she gets a job at the Rose Law firm. Right after he is elected Governor she is made a full partner. Of course we are supposed to believe this is coincidence and she received the job and the partnership based on her merits and there was no attempts to buy influence.
Then later she is elected to the US Senate from her "adopted" home state of NY. With her money and name recognition this was no major accomplishment either. If she was elected in a less liberal state like lets see....Arkansas, that would be an accomplishment.
Yep if it weren't for Al Gore I would say she was the most plastic, unqualified presidential candidate in history.

These comments are good. Especdially since they are coming from women. Hillary is counting on women to elect her. Way to go ladies!

dont share all you reasons....however...shudder at the thought of her possibly ever being president!

Yes indeed!