What a New Face

i think that she just says what she think will get her elected i like a politician who says what they feel even if its unpopular. Also i would like a new person in the white house. Also if she gets elected it would be twenty four years till we got a president that isn't a clinton or a bush. I think that maybe we should give someone else a chance. I mean don't get me wrong i would vote for a women president, but i personally don't like her regardless of her gender.
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2007

"i like a politician who says what they feel even if its unpopular"<br />
<br />
How... would that politician get elected in that case?

I dont like any of the canidates running for office.. and I believe they all say what you *are wanting to hear* just to get elected..I dont trust Hilary and I sure dont trust OBAMA!!! OMG.... he is another story though

i feel the same way, i would welcome a woman president but not this hillary, she is too much of a consumate polititian i dont see her as truly having the interest of the people and the country in mind but to her real goal is to gain power for herself and her hubby,