I Hate My Boyfriend/ Baby Daddy

I want him out of my life but here i am feeling sorry for him. He treats me like ****, he lies, he hurts me over and over again ,he is just useless...


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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

get rid of him and don't tolerate the crap. You are a strong person that can survive on your own and raising a child by yourself can be hard but its got to be better than staying with someone like that. Think of your child if they here the crap and sees how that man treats you they learn that behaviour and think its OK to treat people like that, sometimes a broken home now is better than the situation and problems in the long run.

kick him to the curb .....and be done with it already

Then get rid of him! Stop feeling sorry for him and feel sorry for yourself and your child who have to put up with him and his bullshit.