I Dont Love Him Anymore...i Need Advice

I've been dating this guy for almost a year and now I dont love him anymore or even have any physical or sexual attraction to him. At the beginning of our relationship I had just broken up with the guy I'd lost my virginity to, who had cheated on me over four times. I had dated that guy for over a year and had given him my heart and soul, only to be crushed in the end. Needless to say when I met my current boyfriend and started dating him, I needed ANYTHING but a complicated and/or dramatic relationship. However, theres been a lot of drama. He used to date on of my ex-friends and she made up a lot of (completely false) rumors about him and people really hate the fact that we're together. And its been hard, because people had started spreading stupid false rumors about me too. At first I could handle the drama but over time its gotten worse. Also, I have given up so much to be in this relationship with him. Not only have I given up my previously good reputation, but also the chance to go away for college, which I had always dreamed of. He basically put his foot down and was all like "youre not leaving." So now Im going to a school close to home where I never wanted to go, even though it has a really good program for my major. He often pokes fun at me going there too even though I gave up going away because of HIM. The sex is pretty bad too. I hate it, we havent done it in about a month because whenever he so much as touches me I feel grossed out. Its not like he's HIDEOUS, he's just not attractive to me and I dont like the way that he touches me or even kisses me. Not only that, I feel as if lately he has maybe been pressuring me to have sex with him. At the beginning of our relationship he was all "If you dont want to, just tell me and we dont have to. I wont get offended." But he started getting annoyed by it if we didnt do it in as little as two weeks. Even if I tell him I dont want to, he brings it up like two minutes later by saying things like "Come on, we have five minute until I have to take you home." I know Im making him sound like a really bad guy or something but thats really not the case. Im just telling you all about the bits that are making me want to leave and that have led to my falling out of love with him. Im just so bored in our relationship and I dont love him like that anymore, nor do I have any attraction to him. Im just sick of it. I never want to see him anymore and I hate even texting him.  And now for the complicated part: I dont think he's completely mentally stable. He told me that when one of his previous girlfriends broke up with him he almost committed suicide. Im scared about what will happen if I do break up with him. Please, I need advice.
Liahgrey Liahgrey
18-21, F
May 22, 2012