A Line From My Favorite Poem By Me

"I loathe him with every being of my soul

And yet I cant forget the love we use to hold"-by me


Its so true. I can not stand my ex, he really is my ex this time. no more "working it out", no more "trying to fix it" hes a ******* lying cheating ******* who loved to use me as a sex toy/ emotional punching bag, as to why I do not know and do not want to know.

Im remembering the good times and realizing how fake they were and how the entire time he would have rather been with someone else, some where else. He was an ******* to begin with but for some reason I thought that there was still apart of the Sean I use to know deep down. Turns out the Sean I dated 5 years ago was never real. once again I do not understand why he was ever with me nor do I want to cause all it would do is hurt me.



That was posted on march 9th 2010, it is now July 24th 2010, 4 months and 15 days later. Sean and i had gotten back together after I wrote that, then broke up again, then got back together, then broke up again, you get the picture. We have been offically broken up for about 3 days now, seperated for a little over a month. He has a new girlfriend so theres probably no chance of him even speaking to me ever again. a lot of stuff happened in the last two months that I couldnt handle and i knew I had to chose between Troy and Sean eventually and it took my ex friends ex boyfriend to bring me to my senses so I broke it off with Sean. He kept trying to get back together with me, we still talked almost everyday, I was planing on picking up my stuff from his house but never got around to it cause I still had some kind of hope that he would change. Anyway last week a girl asked him out and it went down hill from there.

I now have a new phone with a new phone number and a new phone company so he cant get in contact with me but as my friend Lavi said, he knows where I live, knowing Sean he would never have the nerve to come to my house without me asking and if he did I'd punch him in the face and then kick him in the nuts. Im still extremely hurt over what has happened in the last week but im slowly moving forward with Troy and picking up the pieces.

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Mar 9, 2010