I Hate Home-wreckers (the Ones Who Fully Know Their 'love' Interest Is Taken)

A homewrecker: The most selfish breed of human...
They don't care what they are doing to many people's lives. And yes I know 'it's not all the other woman's fault' But seriously...you know he's with someone else. Just because he's a pig doesn't mean you have to help him be one and be one yourself. (If you didn't know, then you're not a homewrecker, therefor, this doesn't apply to you)
The only truly innocent party (who is going to feel the most ANGUISHING pain of all of you) is the wife/gf.
I don't care how 'mean' she is to him or how 'cold' or how much sex she's supposedly withholding. She has no idea her man is betraying her, therefore she can't make the decision to get away from the cheating bastard. And if it's so bad, then he should get out of it before he starts something with someone else. Period.
Married men will have a million excuses not to get a divorce/leave their wife first. IT'S BULLSHIT! End one relationship before you start another! Point blank and simple.
The worst kind of homewrecker has NO REMORSE for the woman she is destroying. Possibly because of this image that the man has built up of this monster, cold-hearted, witch of a woman that is his Wife/GF....I will take into consideration that some of these women may actually be she-beasts who take his balls when he walks in the door. DOESN'T MATTER. It all goes back to, leave if you don't like who you're with!
Sometimes it's not that simple (alimony, kids, house etc.), but hey, some things in life are difficult. You still have to do them. Leading someone to believe you actually MEANT your vows when you didn't is in no way, shape or form fair.....
The man has a choice. The mistress has a choice. The Wife/GF has no choice, for she is not informed.
I am so SICK of the other woman blaming the Wife/GF just to validate her actions. If you don't want to feel guilt, DON'T help an unhappy man cheat!

I have stumbled upon a comment on a post and thought I'd share it. This woman has stolen the thoughts right out of my brain and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm using it. Thanks, ryleesmommy!

Posted by ryleesmommy on Mar 4th, 2011 at 3:29PM

This disgusts me! The girls my husbands cheated with also say he hates me. Cuz that's what he makes them believe! He shows the utmost love to me. He buys me flowers we have a beautiful daughter and a baby on the way. Being with a MARRIED man is the lowest a woman can go! And anyone who supports tis is terrible. His wife is probably hurt so bad by this. Your probably his secret. She may not even know about you. Of course he talks mean about her to you. He wants you to believe it! He married her for a reason. My usbands still with me after 7 failed double life relationships. Guys get bored. That's all. If hedidnt like his wife he would get a divorce. It's that simple. He still loved her. Obviously. Your just fun for him. He like knowing he can have both of you because you can see between the lines to leave him. You are just fueling his fire..
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I so much agree with EVERYTHING you said. Marriage is not easy and other women go after men that complain about their wives. If it were left alone they find their way back to their wives most of the time but these women want a guy they know they can manipulate and a married man is just that.

My husband has done this to me and ruined my life and my self esteem. I feel so lost and alone and afraid. We have been married over 20 years and the girls he cheated with knew and a few were married as well. The last one was on here posting that her husband was controlling and did not trust her(Imagine that) Her name was tonyap1206 until I confronted her and now she deleted it and is hiding from me.My kids have been through hell and needless to say..so have I. I am always sad and have no energy. If these classless low life women wouldn't be so desperate for a mans attention and say" NO" as I always have and go find their own man...The a--hole married men would not be cheating so easy. It is his fault for doing it but their fault for being involved. One of the girls posed as my friend and used that to manipulate him. When I confronted her she looked at me and said yes I did it..so what so I punched her in the mouth. My kids were 4 and 5 and we broke up for a year over this. I wish I had just backed away but he wouldn't let me. I found out she is after him again after 10 years. I wish I knew what to do next............

Leslie in West Virginia would not agree.