I Really Need To Share This.....

I've been meaning to put this post up for weeks now but never really got a chance. It's been killing me inside.

I got to thank WoW for pulling my husband and me out of a huge fight. The expansion came at a time when we had external forces trying to wreck our marriage or should I say an external force?

I made a mistake by helping a woman who's children were supposedly kidnapped by letting her stay in our home for three months (luckily in bursts or there would have been bloodshed). Now this woman kept putting me down and trying to act as if my husband belonged with her. She openly flirted with him in front of me and in front of our friends. I'll save you the gory details. Fortunately my husband is loyal and unwavering and she's quite dumb so I was safe. Finally she got out of our house (good thing too or I would have kicked her out) and she told my husband lies about me.

She went to the extent of adding random guys from my Facebook page and befriending them and trying to break my friendship with them.

Now if I did not have to catch her sitting in the same room as my husband, indecently exposing herself I would never have tried to do a major background check on the skeletons she keeps hidden from the world.

The things I found out about her was appalling. Her entire family have disowned her. All her friends have stopped talking to her. I was the only one who was by her side, taking flack from her ex husband who kidnapped the children and his cronies but I was loyal in my friendship. I ignored them slandering my name coz she was my friend and friends stick to one another.

As time marched on I discovered that she had lied to me about everything. Not only that she had bad mouthed my husband to close friends who repeated everything to me. Now that is one thing I will not stand for. I also got to know that she had almost caused her brother and his wife an a divorce by telling her brother's wife lies about her brother. She was having torrid affairs while being married to her husband. This was what was in my home! Working her poison in our lives. Telling people that my husband would drop everything including me and our life and run to her was just preposterous. That got me so mad I uncovered every little thing she was hiding. From her fake eye colour right down to her fake accent.

In spite of going out on a limb to help her I had her tell me what a bad mother I will be IF I am ever blessed with children and it gets worse... she kept telling me that it was a good thing I had a miscarriage coz I wouldn't be a good mother. This coming from someone who's sons don't want to stay with her and one of them has a speech delay coz of her. I don't have children yet so I reminded her about it and told her to come back with her statements when I do become a mother. I had to shut her up before my fist decided to do the talking.

When she found out I had dug out her dirty little secrets she came home and created a huge scene, yelling at the top of her voice, using all the profanity she could, she accused me of backstabbing her (something I would never do) and I just let her rant coz I know that had I contradicted she would have not ended her rant. She thought I was guilty coz I just sat there without batting an eyelid.

This woman is a pathological liar. She can lie with a straight face, without batting an eyelid and she cries at the drop of a hat to make her lies look legit. She also talks in third person and rocks herself back and forth (a sure sign of someone who is not mentally stable).

This whole episode sparked off a major fight between my husband and me to the extent that we slept in separate rooms. Luckily on the fourth day Blizzard gave us a 10 day trial of the latest expansion and in playing the game we forgot all about our fight and what caused it.

The lesson I learnt from this whole thing is that it is definitely rare for two women living in the same house to get along, especially if one of them has evil intentions and tries to act like the good one. Quite like the movie "The Good son"! Be careful of who you decide to help coz you never know what their intentions are. You might have the best intentions in the world but theirs might be quite the opposite.

I left out details on purpose. If I go into the nitty gritty of things it just wouldn't solve anything but I will be quite vocal if anyone asks me questions.

charmsdes charmsdes
Jan 17, 2013