Some Homework Tolerable, Some Touching The Mark Of Pointless

Actually, I was kidding about the first part. I can totally live without the first part. I hate homework.Especially if it's some sort of project. You just know it's gonna come up funny. I dunno what teacher training drilled into the teacher's head but suddenly I have 3 roleplay projects and more research project about the most boring stuff in the planet. I mean, if I wanted to learn something, I woulda went to the library or the internet instead. Sometimes homework drives me round the bend and through a few loops before jumping into a diving pool with a brick tied to your feet. Metaphorically.

Although I'd happily agree to longer school hours if we don't have homework. Unless it's unreasonably long. But then I'd still hate projects. Boy, do I hate them.
NoorRinger NoorRinger
Sep 23, 2012