I Can Deal With Some.

My first experience with horror movies was A Nightmare on Elm Street II when I was eight. Not good, especially for an already disturbed child with a fear of the dark. I can still remember the part where Freddy's eye looked out of the guys mouth. *Shudder*

I avoided horror movies for a long time after that but I have gradually gotten into them. I've realized I can deal with most alien/devil movies but I can not handle anything with the whole human element like Friday 13, Halloween and Nightmare. I know deep down these are impossible but there is something about humans that down right freaks me out! (Having said that though, there are exceptions: House of Wax was hilarious! That may have just been Paris Hilton's acting though and Chucky scares the bejeebus out of me!)

Most of you object to the gore. This I find is what helps me through most horror movies for the simple fact that quite often it is completely hyperbolic. (I also like blood... Wait for it!!!)

Strangely enough I do read Stephen King books and they have little effect. Although I remember reading some horror books (Can't remember the author) as a child that got to me for quite some time.

So yes, as I have grown older they have lost some of their effect but I still don't go out of my way to watch one.

UPDATE: I have at last figured out my oxymoronic like of some horror/slasher movies. I have no problem with blood, gore or death. It's when the killer refuses to stay dead that I have issues! So, the "I Know What you did Last Summer" movies are bad because it is the same killer coming back from death over and over. Scream is fine because it is a bunch of different killers all affected by the previous killer. See..!? lol
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I don't like them either really. I have enough bad dreams made up in my own crazy imagination I don't need help. lol