I Wish They Were Banned....

I just can't even watch them and I don't understand people who do- they're violent, disturbing and ruin my morale. I especially hate watching realistic horror movies or ones based on true stories. I hate grusome graphic bloodiness. I think that it is barbaric to find it entertaining to watch people being slaughtered, murdered, or raped. I am not a c losed-minded ore oppressive person, but I do think that certain themes or graphicness should be restricted as highly as **** if not some things completely banned. I think that certain things should not be entertained and I think that is just more fuel on the fire for people with minds that already are not right. Sometimes people can't really differeciate between media and reality.

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5 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I agree...plus the people who die are COMPLETE losers. Who wants to get f'd up for everybody to see? It makes you look weak. People will say "ohhh they get payed" but guess what? Even after they die people will see that and mock them and their money wont help them. They also try to fetishize violence....look how they always use barely dressed women and add violence. It should all be banned.

There are lots of good horror movies out there that are genuinely scary, entertaining and don't have insane amounts of blood and gore. <br />
Obviously you haven't seen many horror movies.

I think an important distinction to make here is that not all of us are looking for entertainment alone in films. I can understand not being into horror movies, and if you're not it's completely your right to avoid them like the plague...that's cool, I understand that (to be honest I generally have the same reaction to Romantic Comedies so I avoid them, but I digress). In many cases though horror films are a means to an end, I don't mean the "torture ****" we have out now (you know what I mean, Hostel, Saw and that sort...I don't really get bothered by movies, I just can't really...psychologically I know it's just a movie so with those movies the only thing I got out of them was curiosity as to how they'd pulled off some of the effects), but films that use the horror aspect as a means to convey a cinematic artistic statement. Stuff like The Brood, Videodrome, Let The Right One In, Last House on the Left (the original at least) and so forth I never approached from the mindset of "I'm looking for some entertainment", but rather that the director and writer are trying to make a legitimate philosophical, psychological, artistic or social statement. In the case of (what I consider at least) good horror the "horror" is just a medium to convey something much more meaningful. Hope that clears it up a bit, for many fans (not all of course, but the majority that I know) of horror we're not looking to "get off" on graphic violence, we're looking for something more meaningful beneath it or something that transcends it and makes us think. We're not all sadistic sickos :)

"I think that it is barbaric to find it entertaining to watch people being slaughtered, murdered, or raped"<br />
this is so exactly how i feel. i find it disheartening that anyone even enjoys "torture ****" as i once heard a movie reviewer refer to this genre...