Blood Test :-(...

Hospitals help,but I'm scared of blood tests,my blood wouldn't show as human,I'm prt wolf,a wood therian,if the government found out...i'd be dead,then all my other packmates,could get hurt,I won't let tht happen so I stay away from hospitals,unless I'm visiting a family member.
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7 Responses Sep 16, 2012

i totally understand you, but they can see it in your blood, oh no, I've done many blood tests, I hate them ='(

Ok,but I think about shifting everytime something reminds of wolves.....

Yes but the blood doesn't really shows, unless you are shifting (both mind or physical), The government knows believe me, but they can't simply start persecuting us randomly, they need a reason, and they won't say that wolves exist... Remember we are 2 entities sharing a body...

Can we do anything?Should I tell my alpha? long??????

I have really no idea but they do know

Wht!? :-( I think I'm gonna die!How,why isn't it all over the news!!!!I,my pack,my alpha,my friends......

The government already knows friend

But how can they know it? like if you never have done any blood tests, they could still know it? (that's not my case by te way, I have done many tests)

Think about it, the government has higher ups that know more than the average person. And plus they cover everything up on demons, wolves, and vamps.