Day 2

Having arrived in this delightful establishment yesterday to an utter fiasco, I'm pleased to report it's been all good since! When I arrived after my three hour journey to find there was no bed ready and to not even be offered so much as glass a water to neck me pills with I was spectacularly unimpressed, the coffee machine was also out of order too, having been here for an hour an half I was given both a bed and lunch at the same time, excellent result you would think except that at that point a Dr turned up to examine me and go through the admittance procedure *sigh*, an hour later I finally got to eat the congealed slop that passes for food here (when I say it passes for food, I am underplaying it somewhat, as it rarely does a good impersonation of food!) My next delight was to go through the entire admittance procedure again as they had a new student they wished to teach the ropes to! (And of course I do so enjoy talking about such things as my bowel movements and my treatment regime for the alcoholism in front of the entire bay! What a lucky woman I am, I got this great pleasure twice!) Finally after all this palava I got my first treatment, oh the joy! The fun of being plastered in tar and bandages is just so immense I can't begin to describe quite how delightful this is, unfortunately the second treatment of the day was slightly less fun as they've fun out of the gauzes in my size so until the next order arrives on Tuesday I'm in bandages they could fit three of me in, this makes life even more uncomfortable than it needs to be. However on the up side I'm in with a great bunch of peeps, the ladies in my bay are lovely and more importantly they can tolerate me, I'm well aware I'm not everyone's cup of tea but fortunately they find me amusing so I'm able to be myself and not worry too much about offending people. None of my bay but me smokes, the smokers from the other bays are all a really good craic, going out for a ciggy is a bit like going to the pub, it's a great laugh but does get a tad awkward when vodka bottles are produced from handbags and I'm offered a drink! Because of the antabuse I take I know there is no danger of me being tempted to drink some but it's still tough, I think at some point today I'm going to have to tell the smoking gang I'm an alkie so they stop offering!!! The coffee machine has been fixed, deep deep joy *contented sigh*. Lunch today was so near to being edible that even those outside of a hospital would be able to tell that was it was! Result! (last time I was in I only had one meal that could have passed as food in the outside world in the whole ten days!) I'm hoping lunch wasn't just a blip, if I'm really really lucky there might be more almost edible food to come. I have also got permission to order in takeaways, so fingers crossed this time round I won't lose half a stone during my stay, regardless of how bad the food maybe. My first impression of the ward is that this time round will be a lot better, they've got rid of a whole swathe of the crap staff, it makes a big difference, I'm even allowed to make my own coffee in the patients kitchen!!! We were barred from using it last time, lest one of us scolded ourselves, I wasn't best pleased, do they not realise we 'the patients' do operate such fiercely dangerous equipment as kettles in our own homes! So, it is all good thus far and fingers crossed will continue to be so.
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I hope all goes as well as possible for you.

Thank you


Back at yer! How are you doing, any news on the job?

oh my..well..just keep a log, and you can then write a valuable report...and enclose your log to them concerning your stay....
and so, it is 1 day down..13 to go....sigh...
sorry that the bandages are the wrong size..That to me is not excusable..they are a hospital..and those concerns are never to be taken as an after thought.

This sort of thing is par for the course, last time they ran out of leg bandages, had to use arm ones instead, cos I'm tiny it wasn't so bad for me but anyone of a more normal size suffered as they start to cut your circulation off if there too tight! None of this is cause for a proper complaint, it's the norm. The things that get to me are when they leave a patients food out of reach, if you have mobility problems it's in my opinion, inexcusable for them to do this, both last time and this time it's occurring, the rest of the bay takes it turns to look after the lady who requires more assistance than us so whoever does it each time has to have there food cold but none of us would see someone else starve (unlike the nurses!) It is an unfortunate reality that people DO die of starvation in UK hospitals every year, it goes down as malnutrition, obviously at times this is because people don't want to eat or some other problem but more often than not it's a lack of thought on behalf of nursing staff that is the cause. really is.and so next time,speak up..apparently,they don't have the good sense to see their faults. The patient comes first, not the doctor..

It doesn't quite work like that, because we have the NHS and this is widely perceived as being a free service (it's not we all pay for it via our taxes) you tend to get what you're given and be grateful for it! I can't complain about another's treatment, only she can do that, the reality is you want them to be as nice as possible to you, so you don't make waves unless you absolutely have to, the risk of treatment getting worse because you've complained is ever present, even once you are out you don't make a complaint unless it's essential, most of us are repeat visitors, you don't want to get a reputation as a difficult patient, this place is hard enough to tolerate without antagonising the nurses.

Good to read of your "adventures" hon ... hospitals are never much fun ... but it's like everything in life ... you can make it bearable for yourself ... sounds like you have a nice bunch of people around you too which always helps. Looking forward to reading the next instalment ... take care of yourself!!

Cheers me dear! I have been informed via the ward grapevine that one particular member of staff has never been seen to smile much less laugh, I have made it my mission whilst here to make em crack, we have ways of making you laugh ;^)

And if anyone can do it, YOU are the one who will.

He hasn't been on duty since, I want to get cracking on this, it helps to relieve the boredom if you have a challenge!

It seems to me, that you somehow manage to make the best of a bad situation. I'm such a whiner. I don't know if I could handle what you've described here.

Oh trust me peace I can whine big time doing this, it is tough because of the attitude of some of the nurses but you have to try and get it out of your system pretty quickly, if you didn't you'd never last, I really thought I'd be walking out today, yesterday was soo bad I didn't think I'd still be here this time today!

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