Day 3

Only day 3 and I'm struggling to contain my rage levels! The patient care on this ward has never exactly been good but it's getting worse. One of the ladies on the ward has her toenails half on, half off due to her condition, they won't let her walk around the ward without slippers on (health and safety apparently!) this is increasing her pain considerably as they are lifted from the nail bed they catch on her slippers, the only thing they are giving her is oil to soak her feet in! It's pathetic! Watching someone struggling to walk, with tears streaming down her face because of the extra pain having her slippers on causes is just heartbreaking, how on earth this acceptable is beyond me but hey, rules is rules! It used to be that drains in the skin ward were cleaned regularly, not any more! Now they are dealt with as and when they block up, this means I ended up ankle deep in water and gunk from myself this morning and of course what ever crap was in the drain already, delightful, anyone fancy an infection? We have had urine samples in cardboard containers left in the bathroom for three days in a row now, we do the sample, tell em it's there, they forget or just don't bother to collect them, by the time they do we need to do fresh ones as they've been sitting there so long, the fresh ones then sit there for a day the whole stupid process is repeated, I've mentioned to the nurses three times so far today that these samples are there but as the day marches on still they are there. One of the ladies in my bay has mobility problems, they dump what passes for food on the table at the end of her bed out of her reach and walk away, so we sort it and move the table to her but why can't they do that? It's not exactly rocket science is it??? It isn't so much that we mind our food getting colder (it arrives lukewarm at best) but it's an infection control issue, we shouldn't be doing it for that reason! You used to be tested for MRSA on arrival, until you had the all clear you were kept separate, so those that carry it don't infect those with wounds but as that no long happens it's well dodgy! I want to complain but I know full well that not only is it unlikely to do any good but it also makes it more likely I'll be treated less well on subsequent visits, I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, whatever I do it's a lose lose situation.
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Hi Love, I'll have to admit I had to stop reading, it just hurt too badly. I am so sorry about what a cruel experience this is turning out to be. Maybe by now the poor woman has been helped with her toenails.
Ugh... I am sick for you. (((((( HUGS GALORE )))))) do your best to stick this out, that's all you can do..
I love you Friend.

She finally had her toes dressed late that night, by the time they got a chiropodist to see her two later her nails had fortunately all fallen off so she's sorted now. I have had a really spoilt stroppy teenager in my bay since Wednesday and I'm climbing the walls trying to be nice to what is essentially a vile little brat! On the upside I have finally got a discharge date, and my flight is all booked for Wednesday, I can't flipping wait!!!

I bet you are elated, and for good reason! Oxo

I am! It can't come soon enough.

man that sounds rough =/

It isn't the most fun I've ever had!

. =(

I'm hoping I might get out Friday, keep your fingers crossed for me.

*crosses fingers*

Mwah! Thank you!

.u really should complain. at some point. there's just too many things wrong at that hospital

You have no idea just how bad an idea that is, kick up a fuss and they make your life even more hellish, it really isn't worth it.

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The problem with hospitals is they are hiring too many Asians. Asians aren't qualified to be in the medical field. They were brought in to this country to be servants. They should all be either cooking noodles, cleaning toilets, or selling fortune cookies.

Incorrect! Go take your racism elsewhere.


Why is that comment still there? I flagged it. It should be gone.

I flagged it too, I could just hit delete but I prefer to leave it for EP to remove, that way everyone gets to see what a prat this person is! With any luck they'll delete the account.

I hope so, but the jerk will just come back with a new account. I've only heard of one (from an EP volunteer) that kept getting new accounts and doing the same thing. They finally blocked the IP address.

I have to admit I'm surprised it's still there! Fingers crossed admin gets round to looking at yesterdays flags soon.

Mondays are always slow, because they don't work on Saturdays or Sundays. They have a lot of catching up to do.

I'm presuming they start with the latest first and work there way through, if it's still there tomorrow I'll just write about it in the 'I want to improve the experience project' group, might as well earn meself some more points with it!

Good plan. I should start doing that with ever sorryass racist I come across. I have flagged that racist pig with the black dog for an avatar almost daily for a couple of weeks, and still, every single day he is posting racist stuff.

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Sounds terrible I bet you're in the USA. Hospitals in Canada aren't that bad!

PFT! It's worse than that! I'm in the UK.

Well you need to do what's right for you hon. If that means checking out early, then so be it. But there has to be a way to alert some authority to how awful the care is ... although I suspect it's not at all unusual. How about writing to the local newspapers? I'm sure you could put together an eloquent piece to make your point.

I have started taking photos, I rather suspect this is so much the 'norm' no one will bat an eyelid. I'm consoling myself with thoughts that if the urine samples are still there tomorrow, I might have to take them to my 'favourite' nurse in person, you know how clumsy I can be, I may just happen trip over me own feet and give a rather stale golden shower! (I wouldn't but the thought is a satisfying one!)

That sounds horrible!!! Im sorry your going through that and all the people your with!!!

The one saving grace is the other patients, I'm in with a great bunch but some of this shite is just so far beyond what I think should be acceptable, I get so mad Gemz, no way should it be like this. I did know what to expect but I guess I just hoped it'd be better this time round, it's worse, feckin unbelievable.

You shouldnt have to put up with that stuff... I never knew it was so bad!!! Is there anyone you can complain to? I hope your better and out of there soon!!!

This time round I will do a written complaint once I'm home but it buggers me up for coming in again, only two wards in the whole of Scotland that do this treatment so I'm pretty stuck. I'd never complain whilst still here!!!

I dont blame you... but yeah it does make it difficult if youve got to go back... thats probaly what theyre counting on :-/

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your only hope, is to heal, and get out of there....and perhaps not even wait to heal completely..

I don't have a much hope of getting out before Friday at the earliest, although the way it's going I might walk long before then! So long as I think I can keep my temper I'll stick it out but if I get too close too losing it I'm a gonna be out that door so fast they won't even see me go!

well.i will be saying some prayers for you...Your not in a good place...instead of placing you where it would help, it looks like they placed you..... at risk