I really do hate hospitals!
Ever since I went to visit my Father after pioneering back surgery as a kid..
My Mother was also in and out of hospital..
Years later I had to have my tonsils out, I was 14 and on the kids ward, where I was made to feel like I had to lead by example for the younger kids! They had ice cream and jelly, I was given corn flakes...
End of last year, and the beginning of this one I had to have three operations, for a problem that kept coming back... If it was not bad enough.
The third op was worse, I new what to expect, I was promised pre-meds because of high anxiety, NEVER HAPPENED! By the time I was wheeled down to theatre I was crippled with fear, they took there time giving me the drugs... Not before I had to have a full blown argument with them over not wanting to have a spinal tap, I wanted to be put right out!
The Pratt just made me feel twice as anxious, when I asked if I would die, he said "well I don't know!"
Anyways I made it, but it was not over... I was in recovery and having a bad reaction to something they placed into the wound... They asked if they could take a blood test, as the surgeon had stab herself and was worried I would infect her with something!!! OMG... What about my risk, I new I never had anything!
I was so upset I wanted to get back to my Husband who was waiting on the ward, I was so upset, and feeling so bad...
I am in a wheel chair, and I was not allowed to go till I had peed! If it was not for my hubby asking for a bed pan, that would not have happened, even when I vomited, he had to rush round for a bowl! I had to beg for everything, in the end I told the to unhook me I was going home no matter what!
They told us to be in at 6 AM that morning, saying I was first in, when we got there they laughed at me and said, they just say that to make sure the patient get into the hospital in good time! We where there two hour before any staff... Got home at 5PM exhausted emotionally drained and in agony..
I dropped into bed and did not move for three days!
I slowly recovered over three weeks, and was just getting on my feet when we had a call to go to the Hospital...
My Mum had been taken very ill, it was 4Am...
We got there to be told she had pneumonia and did not look good...
We where up and down for three days, on the third we where told to go in as soon as possible...
I walked into Mums room to find her laid out, she has passed away, and they did not call me! They did not worn me!
From that day I wowed even if I am deaths door, I will never enter another hospital EVER!
I wish I could afford to be private , but I have herd it's not much better than NHS!

Sorry for going on, but it shook me to my core, and has just given me a fear I will now never concur as I would rather die than go into one of them places again.
Fasilly Fasilly
Aug 21, 2014