I Hate Housework So Much It's Not Even Funny

When someone expresses hate for housework, it always seems to me their comments are received as at least slightly humorous, if not as a downright comedic monologue.  The dysfunctional vaccuum cleaner graphic used on this website is a case in point, as if it would be a sort of whimsical, slapstick event to have one's vaccuum cleaner blast filth into one's face particularly after one has spent some portion of one's life using the damn thing.  I want to say, here and now, my hate for housework is not remotely humorous, not unless you are amused by existential despair, self loathing, and an inescapable sense of a life poorly lived.  Dear God, how I hate housework.  Everything I do, everywhere I go, I leave in my wake a path of cloth and paper, metal and plastic.  I am a walking whirlwind,a perfect storm of slovenliness.  But how I adore, how I thrive on, how my very survival depends upon an orderly environment.  Dear God, what a monstrosity you have made in me:  I am a neurotic neat-freak trapped in the body of a Snopes-ian slattern.  Does anyone read this and not smile, but rather weep?         

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3 Responses Apr 15, 2010

You are so much like me it's not even funny...

Me too. Oh ME TOO! It makes me hate myself, life and everything. It never ends. People say: just do little and often. But what's the point? There are still a million and one things that need doing. And the first thing needs doing all over again too. I do not DO NOT understand how keeping a house clean is possible. Even if you did housework 24/7, full speed.<br />
I hate everything, because I hate housework.

Although I'd like to pretend otherwise, I can relate to all that only too well. I am however blessed with a magnificent best friend, Jay. He is not a homeowner and shares the home of his partner, yet he highly values sharing mine with me as friends. As such, it is quite frequent for me to go to bed then wake up and find he has cleaned my kitchen or organized my playroom. On a most regular basis he cleans and tidies up my master bathroom and since the main/visitor bathroom is as his own he keeps that one constantly spotless. Everybody should be as blessed to have a best friend like Jay!