Wrong Teachings

Yeah like knowing how to dress up for prom will help you give birth in the future.

Yeah like knowing how to wear make-up will make you even prettier. (psst FYI: wearing make-up means you're too ugly to go au natural)

And Yeah like NOT being a virgin will make you cooler.
heck no.
it makes you feel dirty.

so superficial that it's disgusting.
peacenik peacenik
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2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Uhm, I'm pretty sure it's not all America's fault?<br />
Plus, I've never met anyone who thought "Dressing for prom would help them be able to give birth"??<br />
Or anyone losing their virginity becaus they thought it was "cool", I mean really? I'm pretty sure that teens have been having sex before they were "supposed to" since... the dawn of time, which was before America, right?<br />
And ever think that people might dress better and put on makeup for themselves personally, and not how others view them?<br />
Sorry, you just seem way too critical.

Zomg, has it gone that far already? I thought it was only like that in movies; but well, I don't live in America; but young tweens here in Scandinavia are becoming much more superficial too...