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I dont think its only the childrens fault for the way they act ... Alot of it is  in this day and age .. We have to have a two income household , More children than ever are in daycare or an afterschool program  and they dont spend as much time with their family .. and no matter what anyone says  OUR CHILDREN ARE A PRODUCT OF WHAT WE CREATE .... If we raise our children to be illmannered  and they see us doing something then what right do we have to say no dont do that ... for instance .... When i was 14  i got caught smoking . ... My mother sat there with a cigarette in her mouth SAYING NO  YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO SMOKE !!! okay so  do as you say not as you do ... im sorry thats hypocritical ??? do we want to raise our kids to be hypocrites ..
And  if you look around  look at the billboards magazine ads our kids have  all these people  in their face saying you have to have this you have to have that or your not  in " our Crowd " .
And believe me I DESPISE TEENAGERS !!
But they have alot of pressure on them to ...  My nephew is 17 and has a sixth grade level ...  the school never caught on to it ... thought he was just a problem child . Turned their back on him  then  this  yr  his junior yr  when hes still taking freshmen classes ....  they say oh wait we see the problem we have been trying to get him help since Grade school ....  now hes not even going back ... because the teachers have branded him  a problem child and wouldnt do anything with him anyways ...Its not only the students who pick and choose whos cool and whos not in my high school the  rule was if you played any academics and you failed you werent allowed to play until your grades went up ... well it never worked that way .. they passed the "popular Jocks"  just so they could play sports ...  so before  blaming the kids for everything look at whats going on around them ... take the time to ask them how their life is at school you may be surprised at the answers you get
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The Social Security system pays (gives) SSI cash benefits to children who are discipline problems at school. So if you are poor, all you have to do is be a bad job of parenting and the government will send you cash. Schools allocate a lot of their "scarce" resources to helping "discipline problem" children receive the "help" aka SSI cash benefits. <br />
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Discipline problems used to be dealt with in the principles office with a paddle. And quickly.

however children can make their own choices

Children are children. No more, no less.