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I Can Tell You Why It Happens Too

My brother is going to be 40 years old soon and the only time he ever got close to being married was a joke.   He follows every law he's even remotely aware of, has a job (and a car, place, etc), cares about intelligent things and wants a future for himself.  Yet girls won't touch him... He's even bought into this stupid notion that "the problem is him", so he's taking anti-depressants, sees a counselor etc :-D

What's really going on here?  I can tell you.

There's a little known fact of "social physics" that almost nobody is aware of.  I have done experiments and proven (to atleast my satisfaction) everything I am saying here.

Every human being sends off something "that is like" (behaves with the symantics of) a "transponder signal".  I don't know what "the transport"
is, but something carries this signal between human beings.  Maybe it is non-verbal things such as hand-gestures or maybe is something "more interesting", such as 'ESP'.  All I know is that: 1) it is transmitted "somehow" and 2) it doesn't transmit over The Internet at all (not surprising, huh).

What the signal contains is "what you are about", or vastly more accurately "what you have been thinking about or caring about RECENTLY".

The vast majority of Americans only care about one (usually atleast two) or more of the following:  1) sports, 2) organized religion, and 3) gossip (whose doing what and to whom "peoplestuff").  They are looking for a "transponder signal" in others that reflects that.  Anyone else makes them uncomfortable.  They don't know "why they are", they just are, and "that is good enough for them" so they avoid that person.  My brother is not into sports, is probably not into gossip, and though he's a Christian, he's a free-thinking Christian, so his signal probably doesn't "transpond" as Christianity to any conventional Christrian :-D

My signal right now is saying "loves inanimate objects, loves inanimate objects, loves inanimate objects, loves inanimate objects, ..." over and over again, so I basically get treated "like another species" even by people who are meeting me for the first time.  Since the nearest such other person may be as far away from me as a 2 hour drive, this "radio signature" isn't doing my any favors socially :-D

Perhaps the most fascinating thing though is that you can willing change what this "signal" contains.  I'd literally read sports magazines before going out to drink in bars and more people would start conversations with me.  It is believed that the "residual effect" of such an action can last as long as a week after you've been thinking about/engaging in a particular thing.

Why don't I do this then?  1) it's a lie.  People who don't like lying probably won't like this strategy 2) It eats into my time.  If I spent 15 minutes reading Sports Illustrated, that's 15 minutes I can never get back :-D

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doesn't matter, you got the point across. But yes, when you pretend to be something your not, theres no point in being it. <br />
You should be respected for who you are, not who people think you are, though those two things are often mistaken as people misinterpret said signals based on their own perceptions.

If I have to lie about basic things just to get basic social interaction then what's the point of my existance? I forgot the 'elegant' way to explain this...

There's something to this... It was tried like 60 times in my life and didn't yield dramatic results only like 4 times. Yeah term "aura" has been used in reference to this here too.<br />
<br />
I don't know how it works. Just that it does. It was "reverse engineered" for all practical purposes. 6 years or so ago, things got so bad here (the two most important people in my life had just died) that I set out to identify the various golden ages in my life and why they occurred. Initially, the first few theories failed and yielded nothing. When this theory surfaced tho.... never seen anything like it...<br />
<br />
But it's painful to do... Why am I pretending to be like them so they'll talk to me? Why is -ANYONE- pretending to be -ANYTHING- to get -ANYTHING-??? It's disgusting and as well as it works, using it makes you feel dirty.

I really like this analyses. Not sure why though, perhaps because it connects so closely to my life-style, as well to what I've been researching and contemplating in terms of my own personal beliefs.<br />
The term 'aura' came to mind.

There's a lot of stuff in that signal though... Like I can guarantee that mine also says that I've spent too much time lately thinking about a programming language called "ColdFusion" :-D ... It probably says I like Swedish Meatballs cause I ate them today. It probably says I've ridden the subway recently. It probably contains a whole lot of stuff. It's all irrelevant though cause I don't like sports, gossip or conventional religion though...