Ever since I was ten it was always my twin getting my parents attention, it just started with the "why can't you be more like her" or " you have a terrible personality". Then I got into school and it all changed. She was liked I wasn't , when I walked past people they use to say " look it's Katie oh wait she's they depressed unthriving older twin right ?" Orr " she's nothing like her twin sister I wonder how Hayley could be near that, just because my sister was so important in school. I hated it I slowly got depressed , leading to me self harming and then the few friends I did have split of in college. Around the age of 13 I started looking up the way I was feeling and realised I was beginning to get depressed. When I moved to college my friends started to meet new people while I was in the background of my art group , they all found me scary and wouldn't approach me. No matter how many times I tried they laughed at me to my face. I'm now seventeen and I just think it's time to go. I don't see myself living to eighteen and my seventeenth birthday was under a week ago. I feel so alone and hated.
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Hi Katie.
I understand your feelings of being down. This life was given or even chosen by us as a learning process. We need to work hard to find the joy in life.
Why your parents treat you like this you may never understand but is not your fault! Dont let them or anyone destroy your beauty.
I decided to meet people who wont judge others. Google Buddhism bear your and find a soka gakkai group. Buddhism is not a religion is a philosophy of self improvement. You will find people sad as you and now working hard to find joy in life.
Give a try! They are not judgmental.