Everyone And Their Sister. . .

thinks that just because they took a class in high school or college, or just because they have a big, fancy, expensive, camera, or just because their friends say they are good that they are a PRO! I'm sorry, but most people i see on deviant art, or on facebook that have a "photography business" are far from pros! I cant count how many times i have seen wedding or engagement pictures done by these people that looked like they gave a five year old a point and shoot and let them have at it! Just because you know how to work a camera does not mean anything!! Photography is so much more than that!! 

I put it this way to a friend once "People with cameras go to the overlook on the mountain and take a picture. Practicing amateurs wait for the light to be right, wait for the right time and then take the picture. People who think they are pros will take the same pictures as the practicing amateur and then gloat about their "art". A real pro realizes that this is a good shot but also realizes that if he climbs over the railing, down the rock face a bit, over to that tree and hangs just off the edge...the shot becomes spectacular. "  Photography is more than f-stops and ISOs, its about doing whatever is necessary to get the best shot possible.  
skaelen skaelen
22-25, M
Jul 9, 2010