It's Entirely Frustrating

It's not that he's particularly mean or anything... it's just that if I offend him (and he is way too easily offended, so it happens often) he'll ignore me for hours without even telling me what I did or said to make him upset. His mother has said horrible things about me for no reason, behind my back and over the internet and he's worried that she'll be upset that I didn't get her a Mother's Day card. There's just a bunch of little things that he does every day that make me want to punch his teeth out. :T
WeMayBeMad WeMayBeMad
1 Response May 8, 2012

Do you to have children? No? Get out while the getting is good. He won't get better with time, (only worse) His mother will never get better either (only worse) Don't take my word for this. Ask any woman (or man who has had this kind of beginning to the relationship. Ask if they mellow as they get older. They do not. Mother in law will undermine you every chance she gets. You are, after all stealing her cub. She isn't rational about this. Maybe, in some very rare cases, some traumatic event will happen to shake them up and make them change for the better, but that is a one in a billion chance.