Do I Ever?!

I used to be a slim curvy figure size 14 and had nice long legs.

Im now i size 20 with fat legs belly and everything. - I had children in very quick succession.

I hate myself in pictures, most taken are of my chest and above and even then in a sort of myspace pose, so i don't have a double chin look.
My face seems to be the only place on me that is still more of less slim, looks like it doesnt belong to my body.

Even in the photo i have on here, its at an angle from a hight so i have no double chin, and its one photo from over 100 that were taken.

I have to take over 200 photos to find a handfull that i can stand, my friend who is training to be a professional photgrapher practises on me because we have to take so many till i find one that i like and it gives her plenty of practise!

Urg, i hate how i look fullstop!
Rocks08 Rocks08
22-25, F
Dec 16, 2010