How to (finally) Look Good In Pictures

I'm not a bad looking guy, somewhere between Brad Pitt and the fat Alec Baldwin, skewing just slightly to the latter, I assure you. But if you've ever seen a *photo* of me, you might conclude the range is somewhere between great ape and Danny Devito. So after decades of dodging photos or avoiding seeing my effigy in print, I set out to learn some simple rules for looking better in photos, short of plastic surgery.

What follows is ten steps I've learned to get better pictures of yourself, men or women.

1) If it's a standing photo, you know you're not supposed to slouch. But do you know how to ensure it each and every time?  The trick to good posture for a photo is to put one foot slightly back, centered with your spine.

2) If you want to look thinner, point your legs about 45 degrees to the camera, and then twist at the waist towards the photographer. It's what the stars do on red carpets, and they do it for a reason.

3) For seated shots, extend your neck and then tilt your head down slightly to get rid of double chin actions, as well as views up your sinuses.

4) Pimples are self aware. They're like Skynet. They just know when the worst possible time for them to appear is, and then they plan it out, tingling for days in advance to let you know they're coming and there's nothing you can do about it. But try not to pop them (I sound like your parents), because the red mark that will leave is more noticeable in a photo than an actual zit. Two corollaries: 1) If you resist my wise advice and pop a zit, put Visine on it. It gets the red out, seriously. 2) Pop all whiteheads without abandon. They do show up on film in all their pus-filled glory.

5) If you wear makeup, avoid dark colors which get darker in photos.

6) Flash does not flatter. If you can possibly get away with it, don't use the flash. It leaves harsh shadows on your face that make you look like Nosferatu instead of Norbert, or whatever your name happens to be.

7) Remember Catherine Zeta Jones in Zorro? How her eyes sparkled in every shot? Yah, I do... wow. Anyways, that was fake, but the point is that eye sparkle comes out looking great in photos taken outside or with a bright source. To get it, move your head so your eye catches the light. You know you have it when it's a *little* uncomfortable for your eyes. Your photographer can help, but watch out that you don't go too high or we'll see up your nostrils (see point 8).

8) Cloudy days are gloomy, but they're the best for outdoor pictures (of you, scenery be damned). If the weather is, sigh, sunny, then take the picture in the early morning or late afternoon. Both provide soft lighting, and by all means, avoid high noon!

Please leave sparkles at the store. Seriously, this is never a good look. But it's especially ridiculous with a flash photo (strike one) that reflects off each piece of sparkle matter (strike two). Beyond that, everyone you touch has sparkles on them for weeks, and you probably broke up a marriage the last time you reached over some hapless guy to grab a drink from the bar.

10) Wipe off that face, leave the grin. How many times have you had photos of yourself that you thought should come out normal reveal you to be a walking oil factory? And it never works in your favor, like a glistening Baywatch shot-- rather, it's a disgusting Discovery special about human sebaceous glands, and maybe the microbes that inhabit them. Make sure to wipe down your face and neck before a photo, particularly if you might be sweating. And be especially careful if the picture will be taken with a flash, which will catch the light off your emulsions like a prism.

Hope these ten tips help you look better in photographs, pictures, calendars, and film.

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Taking pictures in dim yellow/orange light makes your face look 5x better. Basically the type of lighting you find in a romantic restaurant at night. I take most of my pictures when in the restaurant on a date lol. And you want the light to hit your face as directly as possible so there are no shadows cast on it.<br />
<br />
Also people who look great in person but terrible in pictures usually have an asymmetrical face (well more than 'normal'). It's almost impossible to see in person, but really apparent in photos.

Very informative , well thought out post! will have to remember these good tips for posing for the camera. SAY CHEEEESE!!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Those were good humorous tips! Some I have used before to some affect and the others I will try at my wedding! Here´s a couple more that I have found work quite well: Don´t stand too straight, break it up by bending a knee a little but don´t slouch! Try to make sure that a bit of light is reflecting off of your face. Find the light source, look at it, then turn your head about 45 degrees. Happy photos!

Great help, thx for the additional help from the commenters as well.<br />
All my friends say i look really cute and stuff coz im small for my age. My best friend is really pretty and looks like shes modeling in all her photos yet she says she looks ugly..

Absolutely wrong about the no flash least if you're getting a professional photographer. The flash' purpose is to reduce / eliminate shadows as a filler light...

This always helped me look and feel pretty

Another good posture technique I heard is to imagine you are biting one of those iron bits circus performers use when being lifted to the trapeze. Let your body assume the position it would in that circumstance.

Thank you videodemon and also thank you for that additional tip toddtwintomarcus. AlwaysRemembers I could honestly relate to you. The same goes for me. :(

Thank you so much for that.

This is awesome, thanks!

Great tips. I like to control the lighting, when possible. (I have a good and a "bad" side - good lighting helps).<br />
<br />
Additional tip? IF SEATED, the photographer should shoot at a slight angle down . . . prevents those terrible "celebrity-looking-horrible" shots taken from low angles. A jawline can also be firmed by slightly rotating the body to the right while looking left with the face . . . minimizes double chins, as well.

heya, thanks for the tips, i might end up with more than 1 photo on my myspace after reading them :D

I'll try to remember these tips!<br />
Thanks! :)

Hi, Thanks for the pointers because i am beyond unphotographic, i always look like a complete dork, even though many ppl sat i'm attractive. In my 45 years i can say there is only 1 pic. that i like. If i see a camera i tend to runnnnnnnn, but thanks to your facts, i will apply them and see what happens. GREAT INFO!!

I try not to let anyone take pictures of me if they are shooting below the horizon of my face. Straight on or above is more likely to show only 1 chin.

Great advice. I see my friends in pictures and they look perfect.....but I am in only very few photos because I am a camera phobe! I hate the way I look in pictures!!!!

cool tips. THANKS!!