I Hate How I Look In Pictures

When I was 19 I got hit by a car.  I got a Traumatic Brain Injury and damaged a lot of nerves.  Some of these nerves went to half my face- so half my face is drooping. I guess you probably wouldnt see it unless you knew me before the accident.  Its very obvious to me. I "lost" the person I used to be, lost my total sense of self. I have no feelings of recognition when I see myself in photos. I dont think "hey, I remember that day" or anything.
Lauraleedee Lauraleedee
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I understand you completely. I've always looked awkward in photos ever since I was little, even before my accident.

Like you, I had a head injury and that has affected the way I look. I was 7 at the time and it paralysed the whole of my left side. As a result, I don't have full control of the muscles on the left side of my face. This means that when I smile, the left side of my mouth doesn't move as much as the right side and I end up with a weird crooked smile which I often think looks more like a grimace!

Still, we have to just make the most of the hand that we're dealt. I'm assuming that's your own photo that you're using on your avatar. You look very nice to me, so don't beat yourself up about it.

Take care my friend

Sorry to hear that :(

So sorry Laura must of been a terrible time for you only 19yrs old what i can remember most about my late teens is being very self conscious and hating everything about my self and having very little confidence,feeling lost and searching for ones self,difficult and confusing age without a trauma, must of been a lot lot harder for you.I had an emotionally bad time as something happened that scared me but not physically.<br />
I Hope Your Surgery Went as well as it could and You are feeling more confident x

thank you

Hey Laura, I am so sorry to hear about your accident at earlly age. I believe its all a test from Lord ! The best thing was that you were saved to live the rest of your life! Any how as you know your face so you feel like that ! Never be depreseed about that , and yes a surgery can help you to ease out this feeling inside of you ! Cheer op Buddy as i see your picture, I say that you are AWESOME!

thanks for the kind words!

you are welcome my sweet friend!

thanks Gray! I can use all the friends I can get!<br />
same for me (that stuff you said about not logging on til you get time at the end of the day) I understand that watching kids takes all your attention and time! tomorrow I'll be having surgery so I probly wont be able to talk, ok?

Oh, I'm sorry for what you had to experience and all what you had went through, but you were blessed to still be here, your job is not finish on earth, you is a living miracle, How are you doing right now? I know you do still go through pain and I do know that it can be hard for you to even cope with things, but I am here for you whenever you need to talk, sometimes I might not get a chance to log in until later that even because I keep kids in my home and I do be busy with them, but eventually I will log in and will get back to you and thanks for considering me for your friend I am so impressed thank you. God Bless you,