I Rarely Take Pictures Of Myself.

So I like never take pictures of myself I have actually taken one today. However its in my bra and panties to my surprise the picture isn't god awful. Thinking of posting it on here what do you people think? Mind you i am not a tiny person and I love myself how i am so mean comments after I post the picture (if I choose to) will not be appreciated. thank you =)
BkrSabrina BkrSabrina
18-21, F
10 Responses May 25, 2012

I did post the picture a while ago after great support from EP friends and their lovely comments so just add me if your that interested in seeing it =)

I empathize with not liking pictures of yourself. I'm not that great in real life, but much worse in pictures. I agree with the previous comment that you may be surprised by the positive comments.

Please post it ....you may be very suprissed at the comments

Please add the pic and friend me so I can see

You look very pretty. Some people don't take good camera shots, but the camera likes you a lot.

I vote yes....**** what others think anyway. Now ***** off those clothes and click away all your want. :)

I approve of your pictures ;)

Nobody is perfect. Hell art back in the old days was made without the subjects flaws, models today are air brushed, but an honest picture is worth more than anything else, be confident in yourself and I am fairly certain it will go a long way and attract a fan ba<x>se :P

Its always nerve racking showing yourself intimately with others. My pictures are of a semi sexy nature too, and i'm a size 14/16. However, i have had only praise. People like different things, you just have to be brave and confident in yourself. X

You'll have to accept me as a friend so I may see it. The act of sharing is the beautiful part of EP. Relax, you're able to choose your friends!