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Shame On Me!

One of the most important days in my daughter's life.... her wedding day! She looked so beautiful. The dress she wanted, that I truly couldn't afford. Those crazy red sneakers she insisted on wearing.... I have no idea at this moment where those pictures are.
I put them away, couldn't stand to look at them, I truly don't know where they are.
I looked so soft and fat and tired. To save money, save money... I had a friend make my dress- claret red, 3 pc- tea length skirt, sleeveless top and jacket (all useful pieces I could wear again). She was a good seamstress; I admired several of her pieces, but not this time. I felt and looked like I was wearing a red tent. It's not her fault; the pieces were cut to fit and fell just right but I never realized until those pictures came back just how much weight I had gained and how the stress of life showed on my face. I never wore those clothes again- stuffed them in a drawer for a long time and finally pitched them (can't burn in town).
I never displayed any of those pictures; I don't even know where they are. Shame on me!
Momof3rlb Momof3rlb 51-55 Jun 12, 2012

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