My Mouth and Eyes Don't Look Right

When I smile I look retarded. There are little folds of skin hanging down at the corners of my mouth that most people don't have, and it looks bad. That part has nothing to do with my weight, it happened even when I was thinner than I am now.

Also, my eyes do weird things when I smile. They look too closed off. I guess it's because I'm too fat.

When I was a kid I would smile for a picture and my mom told me it didn't look right. I would try to smile the way she wanted me to and she always said it didn't look right.

Look... if you have kids, please do me this one favor even if we never meet. Promise yourself, and/or whatever Deity you speak to, that you won't tell your kids that their smiles are ugly.

They will believe it.

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Mar 17, 2009