Ugly Pics

Whenever I have to get a picture taken I get so nervous that I end up looking like a complete freak. I avoid pictures at all costs and have had only 10 pics taken of me (knowingly) in the past 7 years. A couple days ago my family and I had to take a family picture for a brochure to go out to more than 1500 people in my town which is a lot considering there are only 20 000 people in my whole city. The pic will probably also be posted on websites. Believe me I tried to get out of this picture but I had to take it otherwise it would hurt my mom's campaign. I spent almost 2 hours getting ready and was really worried about the picture. We took about 7 pictures and wonder of wonders I actually looked alright in two of them, don't get me wrong I didn't look good it was actually far from it but at least it was acceptable. My mom decides to pick the picture where everyone else in my family looks really good but my head is turned sideways and I'm looking down at the ground and my bangs are covering one of my eyes. I look really sad and I don't mean this as an insult but I also look completely emo because my hair was really dark. It is absolutely horrible. I can't believe this pic is going out to more than 1500 people. ****.
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I'll bet you look hot.

From the outside, we see a pretty girl, and think whatever we think, without ever really knowing of the torture that could be going on inside. <br />
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thanks for sharing.<br />

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder .........;)