My Face Is Asymmetrical

My face is asymmetrical to look at because it seems like my right eye is not level with my left eye, it's above it, further up my face. Imagine having eyes like that! People's faces can look bad in a lot of ways but the LEAST thing you can expect from your dna is to give you a face that is THE SAME on both sides of the nose! This has made me angry, i feel it's just getting worse. My lousy dna!
I think my asymmetrical eyes look absolutely horrible when the problem shows. The time it really shows is in pictures. Everyone looks the same in pictures as they do in  real life (well, most of the time) but the thing about my eyes is harder to notice when you're looking at me and have eye contact with me. You don't have that when you look at a picture.
I've told my concern to a few people. A couple of girls agreed with me that my eyes are not level with each other but said that they had never noticed it before. I know why and i already explained that above: It's only really visible in pictures. One dude simply denied that my eyes were not in level with each other and i made him take a picture of my face with his phone so he could look properly when he got home. He never mentioned the picture again, he's such a nice guy and friendly to everyone.
I don't know if the structure of my skull is really so weird that my right eye socket is above my left, but it sure looks like it. This could have something to do with another problem i have with my skull. My jaw has started growing in an unusual way, it grows more in the left side than in the right, which means my teeth only connect on one single tooth in the right side of my mouth. Maybe my left side of my jaw is pulling the left side of my face down while the right side isn't following because of my right jaw which isn't growing at the same rate at all. I'm having jaw surgery once both my jaws have stopped growing.
Right now, the only thing i can do to hide my facial "mutation" of my asymmetrical eyes is to tilt my head a bit to the right whenever i see someone taking a picture of me, which brings my eyes to level with each other. That's not a very durable solution though.
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This is exactly the problem I have and I hate it 😟

Hello. My name is Ardi n i'm 14 sorry my english not so nice maybe there are some mistakes ... I have the same problem like you'll have and i wonder because i was very cute in my childhood ... I thank God because he made me so nice like i have limbs,eyes... I can see & i can touch , i can walk but at the same time I dont like him for giving me this problem ... I'm a girl i love to click pics and set them as my dp on facebook just like my other friends but i cant... :( whenever i talk to my parents and bro about it ... They make fun of me and sometimes they just change the topic .... They never take it too seriously Sometimes i also think of killing myself ... But unfortunately i'm not that brave !! I dont what will happen to me in future...somebody will marry me or not.....I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT IT

Oh,just same as me.l have a very asymmetrical face but no one has mentioned me.I found that only when l took picture with my friends and that was terrible to me:(I knew there was a problem with my face but didn't know what!That picture literally awared me!I hate the way l look and don't wanna be optimists,just want to have beautiful symmetrical smile!-_-

Same with me I dont look good people make fun of me

I have this same problem, although conversely jaw surgery *caused* my problem. I was so pretty as a kid with a symmetrical face but some pretty enormous rabbit teeth. I had the surgery, which involved breaking both sides of my lower jaw, moving it forward and adding a splint, when I was about 17 to correct an overbite. Now the left side of my face sits too far to the left. My face is obviously asymmetric and I feel so ugly as a result.

A lot of my friends and family tell me that they can't see it or it's not obvious but I think they're just trying to spare my feelings. I went to see a doctor recently about an ear infection and he said to me, 'Did you know your face is lopsided?' If he can see it then everyone can.

When I'm eligible for healthcare again, I'm going to see an orthodontist to see if they can fix it. I don't really want jaw surgery again but I also don't want to be ugly. It's sad that our society values beauty so highly and that I care so much that I'm not beautiful.

Living with a lopsided face is no fun, I can commiserate. My doc says I must have injured one side of my jaw as a kid, and that screwed up the way my whole face grew, because the injured side stopped growing prematurely, and the other side over compensated. Right now, my nose is on a slant, as is the top of my mouth. Despite four years in braces my teeth are a mess. One side of my face is huge, and the other looks tiny, and my chin is way off center. When the asymetry started to get really bad, I got pretty self conscious about it, but I've realized that it doesn't have to be a problem as long as I don't make it one. No body has a perfect face. Plus, all kinds of beauty icons have become famous by taking their imperfections and owning them. Now I am confident enough to realize that a jaw problem is such a small thing in the grand scheme of things, and if people notice it, who cares? My friends and family don't love me any less because of it, and it doesn't take away from the other things that make me gorgeous. I might have to get correctional surgery somewhere down the line if the jaw misalignment keeps causing pain, but I'm not going to worry one way or the other, because I am rocking the way I look right now.

Additionally, if your main issue is hating the way you look in pictures, there is actually an explanation. It looks bad to you, but the unevenness is much less noticeable to others in photographs. This is because you are used to viewing your face in a mirror, which reverses the image. When you view a picture of yourself, your imperfections are suddenly on the other side. This change causes your eye to be drawn to the asymmetrical features, leading you to think they are more obvious than they actually are. The rest of the world sees you picture view all the time, so they are used to that arrangement, leading them to gloss over the asymmetries. Long story short, trust the mirror, because the way you see yourself there is closer to the way others see you in the real world.

To anyone else out there dealing with a serious facial asymmetry, just remember that confidence is sexy and gorgeous. Face the world with a smile (who cares that its crooked) and remember all your good qualities. Pick something you like about your body, and focus on that instead of the asymmetry. I am willing to bet money that there is something beautiful about everyone on this site.

Aweeee this just gives me the confidence. :( I have the same problem and I have this really really big birthmark on my legs like really big. It covers my left upper leg all the way :( Thankyou for such beautful words! ❤️

my face isn't perfect either. My mouth is curved , starting from the nose to the right side, so basically, I look like my whole face is curved to the right side, like a half moon, lol. , also my right eye ball is kinda turned slightly to the corner, so I look funny on the pictures altogether.I love myself anyways :)

All of you guys here don't be discouraged :)
I have a crossbite and I'm 26. I'm developing some severe TMJ due to the crossbite and my face/head is as many of you say way bigger in one side.
You know... my whole left side of the face goes downward in a diagonal motion. Even my lower lips don't match my upper lips at all. Eye lower than the other.
By the way.. don't worry about the side you sleep and chewing from one side. Those are not the reasons :)
Im finally going to a maxillofacial doc in 2 months but mostly to get my TMJ and crossbite checked since they hurt now... the asymmrtry guys... in the worst case most of us had some mild case of hypertrophy, where one side of the body grows more than the other. I'm not a doctor but after researching a lot... like over a year I've found out that hypertrophy is usually the reason or some sort of bite problem.
The asymmetry part can only be fixed with plastic surgery so don't sweat it guys :) !

Thank you for sharing, Fede88. My whole life I try to forget my problem. I have friends but once in a while some people ask what's wrong with my face, my noticeably bigger right jaw. I also have an overbite and when I was a child I had an accident - I landed on the left side of my face... and that side did not grow as normally as the other side. Yes we all should be strong but this society makes it hard for us to be... As long as the people who matter love us, then this "problem" will just be a minor thing in our lives...

I have the same problem, never noticed it until my wife told me. and when I noticed it, I realized that its really bad, I wore glasses at the time, so the glasses made it even worse, so I did a laser surgery to get rid of them, and now its much harder to notice it.but in pictures, you can see it clearly.But don't worry man, no body is perfect, just be happy with who you are.I promise you that you are the only one who care so much about it, my wife don't mind, most of my friends don't even know family noticed that, but don't really care.anyway if someone likes you its because who you are and not how you look like.o and about your skull, I need to tilt my head so it will look aligned, not just the eyes, its all the could be from birth, you see when you are young its very important to let you sleep on specific sides so your head wont change its shape, and no body was allowed to touch me until age of 30 days, so maybe its why my skull is not even in both sides.anyway its common, probably not related to DNA, don't worry about it, you are lucky to be a man :)man don't care how they look, and women's barely care how their man looks like:)

Nobody is perfect. It's impossible. I have this "issue" where when I smile, my left eye becomes smaller then the right. The more I smile, the smaller the left one gets. So, I can never smile too much in pictures because eventually it looks like my left eye is almost closed. I'm not sure what causes it. I'm guessing that maybe there's an uneven amount of cheek muscle on each side. The eyes seem level, however, there seems to be more space between my right eyebrow and eye than between the left ones. When I was in middle school, a girl threw another girl's hairbrush and it (accidentally) hit me hard on the left eyebrow, leaving a swollen, discolored knot that took a couple weeks to go away. I think it might have fractured my eyebrow. Even now after many years, if I press along it, there's a bump where it seemed not to have healed properly. Also my lip is slightly further down on the right side than on the left, when I have no expression.

If I don't smile in pictures, it always looks like I just lost my best friend, and I hate looking like that. So I always try to smile, at least a little bit.

When I was 23, this guy I worked with told me we don't have symmetrical faces, and it was the first time I looked in the mirror to verify that he was right. I never even noticed it before he mentioned it.

Oh this is funny, and nobody ever notices it. I actually think it's pretty cool, though. My right earlobe has a piece missing. When I was 2, I fell into the bushes, and lost a piece of earlobe. I had to get two stitches. It's practically impossible to notice, but if I tell someone, they'll be like "oh, yeah, I can see it".

This too: Sometimes, depending on the angle, it looks like I have too much forehead. But I know I don't. It's just how the picture turns out. Maybe lighting, angle, or even hairstyle.

I'm not the least bit ashamed of my "defects". I'll bet you're no more asymmetrical than the average person, and you should be proud of yourself.

i have the same problem. im a 15 year old girl who had bells palsy (simular to a stroke) when i was younger & never got proper treatment because my face looked "normal" compared to everyone elses. you can notice one side of my face is lower than the rest in person but only if you really study my face, but when i take a picture the whole of one side of my face is out of place. my eyes lower than the other, one nostils lower than the other, my cheek and jaw-line is lower than the other and my mouth is lower on one side and i hate not being able to have pictures taken because of it!
is there anything i can do to help my face straighten?

I have the same problem, and I am a 59 year old female. I have managed to live a normal life, most people do not notice it, but it does annoy you when you get to thinking! However, there are worse things that could have happened to us, so like you I tilt my head a little, make the best of everything else, and get on with it. How does it happen, though? I have made my wonky way through life and got married, had a baby and nothing seems to have been affected. Best of luck, and never mind photos, most people look like escaped criminals in them, myself included!

I am glad if it helped. It makes me sad to think people feel bad about themselves especially if it is caused by other people being rude and staring. I always think to myself 'and what makes you think you look so good?' If it is a man I think 'You are not Robert Redford' and for a woman 'You are not Linda Cristal' an actress I have always considered very beautiful. You can substitute who you prefer! I think good old Robert Redford is a timeless example to use, and it usually gets a laugh from someone, usually not the person I have applied it to !!

By the way, I did not mean any of you to get into fights, it is best to THINK the above! Good luck and peace everyone.

I am having a similar problem like you; my left side face does not grow normally as the right side. It is hurt at night and when I sit in front of the computer too much. It is kind of a shame when my friends take pictures and I do not look properly as them.

I share all these experiences as with everyone on here. But I don't think anybody here has worse than I because nobody here has mentioned yet if they had an underbite. I had an underbite, gotten braces and surgery as well. And to this day I still have an asymmetrical face. How ugly do I look like? Well, I think I actually look relatively good (people rate me an 8/10) and better now that I don't have an underbite, but it's just unfortunate that I still have this crooked face. <br />
<br />
Before braces + surgery, I used to have a Class III Malocclusion where not only I had an underbite, but I also had a crossbite. Prior to braces + surgery, two premolars from each side (left/right) were pulled out from my upper teeth, and my lower teeth as well (4 in total) by my very first orthodontist (btw, in all my life, I've had 3 orthodontists... between my 2nd and 3rd, I took a long break w/o braces) who thought it was best to extract my teeth -- which, also, by the way I DO NOT recommend -- rather than expand my upper (especially my upper!) and lower palette. You need all your teeth for facial muscle support. All of these teeth + bite crookedness resulted into asymmetrical development of my face. One side became longer and more pronounced, my jaw deviated to the left, one eye is higher than the other one, one side of my face looks older than the other. What irritates me the most is that my nasolabial fold is uneven which makes everything noticeably uneven when I smile. So if you could imagine what my face looked like prior my brace + surgery, it would look messed up right? Oh def, it was messed up. I wasn't smiling because I didn't wanna show my teeth. I had chronic b*tch face all the time.<br />
<br />
Now I no longer have an underbite, I still have some asymmetries. I still have a crossbite where my upper teeth are leaning towards to the left, and so my lower teeth are deviated to the left as well (and more so than the upper). I attribute this to my orthodontist who didn't do a very good job on pulling my teeth to the right. My upper mandible has never been expanded at all. See I didn't know any of these technical procedures and reliability until I got older and in the last year of my last braces (was in braces for 3 years from when I was 17-20 yrs old) when it was too late to change braces (since my mom was paying for it). So up to this day, I still have an uneven face, one cheek bigger than other, one jowl is heavier/bigger than the other, one eye lower than other, and this stinkin' uneven nasolabial fold (UGH). But it's slightly improved just because I don't have an underbite anymore. <br />
<br />
Despite all of this guess what? Even before I had my last braces + surgery, I still got hit on, I was hooking up with guys, etc. People thought I was pretty even though I had this underbite. Some people didn't even notice I had an underbite. Few tried to find out what's up with my face by trying to make me smile. I never talked about it to anybody so for the rest, I didn't really know who knew I had an underbite, who didn't, or who cared/who didn't care. Even when I had braces (prior surgery), still people thought I was pretty (they told me so). Right now, no more underbite, still with the crooked face, still get hit on as much as before. I don't know what it is that made me attractive. Was it really because the overall look of my face despite its specific compromised features? Was it my hair? Was it the way I dressed and make-up? I did make sure that this crooked bite didn't get the best of me when it comes to dressing up because I LOVED dressing up and putting on making up. Was it because I made sure I had the chronic b*tch face all the time and not smile which would easily expose my asymmetries? I don't know. Whatever it is, it definitely worked. I have a boyfriend now, we're about to hit two years in June. Before my boyfriend, I also had another boyfriend (after I had surgery) for two years. <br />
<br />
I guess what I'm really trying to say here is that I have that a feeling most of the people's worries here are not as problematic as others who actually need braces + jaw surgery before they could even start worrying about what side of cheek is sagging/what's side of cheek is not sagging on their face. And also keep in mind, some people would notice or WOULDN'T NOTICE. If they do notice, some would care and some WOULD NOT CARE. Personally, I haven't asked my boyfriend what he thought of my asymmetrical face. I don't even wanna bring it on topic. He does tell me I look pretty -- especially in certain lighting :p I'm gonna take that as a damn compliment and will not even bother digesting how exactly those parameters are defined. <br />
<br />
I do wish to get braces one last time now that I am more well informed, done more research about my bite. I do want a fat grafting to transfer the fat of my left jowl into my hollow right cheek. I want to get one of those facial exercisers for people who had facial stroke :p I do get conscious especially when I don't have makeup. But no more braces + surgery right now, I'm a brokeass college student. But at the same time, it's comforting to know that it's not that big of a deal especially now that I don't have an underbite. It really isn't that big of a deal because people don't stare at your face and ask you why one side is bigger than the other. And ba<x>sed on my experience, you can definitely still get compliments, get hit on, flirt with other people, get positive feedback despite a crooked face. I wish I could send you guys picture of my asymmetrical face. It look interesting because I have point angular facial features (I'm Asian).

Im asian too and whats worse is im dark skinned so you could really see my asymmetrical face. I get hit on but its because of my body not my face i think and i look really old despite my age. Do you have any tips on how to lessen the fat on my left cheek? Cause thats my main problem 😪

Hello all of you, beautiful assymmetric people :) I am 31 years old, and because of this problem, i even wore braces for more than 2 years! And it made me look worse....:( not only are my eyes not alligned, my nostrils are different size, my jaw is completly assymmetrical, ,my teeth were completely of the center! So now that my teeth are centered, it seems like this overall facial assymmetry is more noticeable! espeacilaly on pictures! For me , selfie is a disaster, because this front camera makes me look like a Picasso painting. Lately, i became so self conscious about it, that i am litterally afraid to take a picture. What i am also afraid is that this is becoming more and more noticeable! That it is getting worse. I am not sure, i hope i'm wrong...Anyhow, i know that this is what the nature gave me, there is nothing much to do with it- since i could never go under knife, especally my face, i would be so worried- so i have decided to not give a crap anymore. I am gonna take pictures, smile on them, have my teeth white, make up on, so maybe my positive attitude will be more noticeable than my funny assymmetrical face! I wish all of you the best, be bold! Kisses

I'd really like to talk to you if you'd like. I think I have the same problem. If there's anyway I could message you or some way to get in contact with you. I'd really appreciate it.

omg you sound like me talking i have the exact same problem its not fair i look so messed up in pictures but in the mirror i look perfectly fine

YES OMG when i look in the mirror my face is so even and then when i take photos its like retarded and REALLY uneven 😪

did you get a teeth/jaw operation?
because i have the same problem and when i look to my pictures i get very angry and i punch my cheek

So I not only have a severe asymmetry but as well OCD.. Believe me. Think before punching cause it ll make things worst lol..

OHMYGOD I have the exact same problem. Is the only solution jaw surgery? I look so bad in pictures because of this. I always have to tilt my face to the left so that it is not noticed. Whenever I take a selfie with the front camera of my iphone and when the image comes the other way (the mirror image) it looks absolutely prominent and hideous! I really want to get rid of this.

I have left side of my face bigger than right ... my eye on left side is much more open especially i have little bigger left side of my body .. at firt i was so depressed but now I dont care about it ..

omg.. I have the E X A C T same problem with the eyes the jaw the teeth it's so annoying :(

Ha you asymmetrical bastards jk I'm the same way no one ever said anything in fact i was the first to point it out. i noticed when i was around 20 or so it really bummed me out i always thought "man why me everyone else in my family has great symmetry except me" i completely hated my face and like you said very noticeable in pictures but now ive gotten used to it. glad to see someone bringing it up.

Most peoples' face, and body in general, are asymmetrical. But it's most noticeable when our eyes are asymmetrical.

My right eye is slightly further away from my nose than my left eye. No one has ever noticed this in person, heck even I have a hard time seeing it in a mirror, but whenever I see pictures of myself its just so apparent. It makes me look like I'm drunk all the time (at least to me). No one has ever said anything about my pictures, so I don't know if people are just being nice or if it's really not that apparent.

BTW don't mention it to other people, because its one of those things you can't un-see. Once you tell them, they can't help but notice.

You guys want to know how you look like ? Get two mirrors and put them on a ninety degree angle then look through that

I recently decided to check for myself after i stared at a photo and i was displeased and disheartened when i looked and stared at my face that i looked like a Picasso painting. My left eye is a bit higher than the right. I really wanted to go dig a hole and hide there. The really embarrassing thing is that I'm in my late teens, and i just discovered it. Well, not entirely true. When i went to go get my passport updated and took a photo i saw it, but didn't take much notice. I didn't really like taking pictures i didn't notice, or the majority was when i was smiling which is not as noticeable. As well as because i didn't care about my appearance until recently i started noticing.

But i decided, well i think i do it subconsciously/ natural habit, to do what you said and tilt the head or slightly smile more on the left side to push up my cheek to hide it better.

I've noticed the same problem myself, only with my lips though. The left side of my cupid's bow has an upwards curve as it goes down, the left side has a downwards curve. It's not really noticable (far as I know no one's pointed it out or mentioned it) but I like to wear lipstick and would have to put extra on my right side to made it more even. This also means when I smile showing teeth, my lip is fuller on the left. It actually is so horrible to feel so unsure of yourself and find your genetics slapped you in the face

Me too! I couldn't have described my own mouth better myself!
I think mine got more asymmetrical over time.
This may not be true for you, but my theory of how my mouth got so uneven is that I used to smile out of nervosity very often, which creates an uneven smile as opposed to a smile from true joy which is (more) symmetrical. This is why most people look their best when they smile a genuine smile. When you do, even the most asymmetrical person is at their most symmetrical as both face halves use the same muscles equally.
This is why selfies often turn out bad/asymmetrical; because people rarely look into the camera with joy, but rather with fear (of looking bad in the picture).
So what can you do about it?
Basically, I no longer bother smiling at cameras or in conversation unless it's genuine and out of true joy.
It's made me feel more confident/less nervous, which in turn has made me feel more relaxed and enjoying life and interacting with other people more so I smile just as often as I used to, but evenly because it's now a genuine smile. :)

Also, teeth definitely matter. I've noticed more asymmetry since getting 3 out of my 4 wisdom teeth.
Not much to do about that, but I have started chewing as evenly as i can on both sides + doing a simple exercise that can be found by searching for "faceyogamethod mouth". (EP doesn't allow links)

I have asymmetrical mouth, and jaw, and little big on the nose angle, eyes, not so much. The thing i Do to fix the jaw is to try to chew/eat with the smaller jaw, after around 1 month, i see the left jaw getting a little bit bigger and in picture it's started to look more symmetrical. For the mouth, i notice my smile is crooked, then i try to practice in the mirror to make it less noticeable in the picture, also i found out why i have asymmetrical face, when i was a teen, i like to lying on my left side on the bed and using computer for long time, then i usually put my hand on my left side of face, and i also chew on the right side only, so my left side of face is thinner and my right side is bigger, so i reversed the position for a few months and it work quite well, Not perfect but at least in the picture it doesn't look as bad as it used to be

wow! I got stuck in the same position unfortunately. but I am getting an implant to fix my jaw :(. hate that I did that!! n I always eat from my right so I guess it just got bigger . pfft -_-. my teeth aldo got tilted so now wearin braces to get it in line..dun u feel like killing urself for doing it on ur own?

I too have this with my left eye is higher up on my face and my left face and jaw is bigger but I don't notice it in pictures or when I look in the mirror and only 2 people have said anything about it in my 30 years. The only time I notice it is when I look at a picture of myself threw the mirror and then I notice it, I have no Idea why that is the only way but it is, crazy huh?

Symmetry is not always better everyone!! Ashley Greene from Twighlight is a wonderful example of a celebrity whose face is very asymmetrical yet considered absolutely gorgeous. Take a very close look at the YouTube clip titled "Ashley Greene Facial Symmetry." They wouldn't let me post the link below so you'll have to go over to YouTube and type that in. It's only five seconds long but it will change your preception of beauty forever!

Out of the 3 pictures of Ashley that are shown in the clip, which do you think she looks the most attractive in? If you're like most people you probably think she looks gorgeous in the picture on the left. But what's funny is that the picture she looks the best in (the one on the left) is the one where her face looks the most asymmetrical!! The photo in the middle is what her face would look like if you doubled one side of her face and the one on the right is what her face would look like if you doubled the other side.In the photo on the left, her face is clearly asymmetrical because one side is much larger then the other, one eye is lower then the other and her lips are fuller/ thicker more on one side. Yet despite all of this she still looks much better in the asymmetrical picture then in the two photos where her face is perfectly symmetrical. It proves that symmetry is not always better!

Same here! My face is asymmetrical, but I didn't even notice until some time after college. I first noticed that my right cheek was bigger than my left. Always in pictures, but never in the mirror! Still it was slight enough that I didn't think much of it. Later I noticed my right eye brow droops. Then I see that my right eye is lower than my left! How could I not notice these things until I'm well into my 20's? It's crazy. But now it's really starting to bug me. My smile doesn't match on both sides, my cheeks don't match , my eyelid is heavy and my wrinkles are even asymmetrical. The right side of my face easily looks 5 years older than my left. Socially, I'm not self conscious - until someone picks up a camera. I've started face exercises- not sure how much they'll help, but anything to not get some kind of surgery....yet. Why do we all have this same issue? I've always suspected a nerve problem.

My face is asymmetrical, too. And the worst thing is, i'm an actress so I have to see my face on camera all the time. It has been pointed out to me on more than one occasion. (It's also led to some very nasty comments as people seem to think if you're on TV it's okay to say it, for example being told one side of my face looks like I have Down's Syndrome. Nice.) My left eye is about half the size of my right, my left nostril is smaller, and I talk out of one side of mouth (people often comment on this so I know it's not me making it out to be a bigger problem than it is). You can literally see a line down the middle of my face where everything is different. My theory is it's a skeletal problem given that I occasionally get pain near my jaw and suffer from a lot of headaches. I did look into surgery at one point but abandoned the idea pretty quickly when I thought about it properly - if jaw surgery goes wrong, you're stuck like that.

Truth be told, with the exception of a few idiots who are probably the sort of people who are insanely insecure themselves making the odd comment (be honest, whenever any of us ever say anything negative about someone's appearance it's almost always to either mask our own insecurity or make ourselves feel a little better. I can't think of a single different reason. Because, there is no other reason to bring it up. If you're confident in the way you look and someone with a large nose walks by you don't stop and point and laugh just for the hell of it, do you? Because it doesn't matter. The only time you point out somebody's physical flaws is to make your own seem less bad) with the exception of those odd comments, most of this negativity stems from me - my thoughts, my opinions, me looking in the mirror or staring at a photograph making myself feel worse. In life, it doesn't affect me. It doesn't stop me having friends, having boyfriends (My eyes seem to be something guys seem to like???), working, having fun, living. It makes no difference. The only thing that makes a difference is what I'm telling myself on the inside - i'm the one telling myself it is a problem when there's really no evidence to suggest it is. So, it's less about fixing something that probably doesn't need to be fixed, and more about learning to stop being so hard on myself. The danger with obsessive thinking is the more you worry about what your face looks like the more you look for confirmation of that and that's when you start to notice all the little details most people don't even register when they look at you. And then you feel worse and the cycle repeats.

Sometimes it helps to think back to guys I've dated who have physical flaws and remembering how little they bothered me or how I never really noticed them unless I deliberately try to think about it. It reminds me of how unimportant it really is. So, I guess that's the only advice I can give. It's not easy, and I still get down about it but reminding myself of all this stuff does make it easier and easier as time goes on.

Thank you so much for this post! I feel the same way! I am starting to note my facial asymmetry more in the last year or so than I ever have in the past; my eyes are a slightly different shape and at slightly different levels; this is not always obvious, but does show up in some photos. It's really never held me back in any area of my life, and in fact I never really noticed/was bothered by it before, but now I am starting to *obsess* in a very unhealthy way... In a loop of looking for a problem, just as you described above; basically, trying to feel bad about it! Of course it would be nice to try and fix it to stop worrying about it, basically, but any type of eye surgery is pretty seriously risky, may not even be possible and may not even be necessary, since it's never bothered me until now!

Sometimes I wonder if I should be/why I bother panicking about it and feel ridiculous for worrying. As people have pointed out, there are several successful actors out there with some serious asymmetries.

Doodlebug, thank you so much for writing this post! It's got to be really tough as an actress to *not* obsess about these things, and I think you have a really healthy, sane, and practical way to go about it! Big admiration.
You encourage me to stay normal and not be crazy and succumb to mania that probably leads nowhere good... Fish lips? Hells, no!


Thanks so much for sharing this, doodlebug. You've given me much food for thought.

My face was very asymmetrical I hated it. My nose was crooked, the shape of my head too.I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago which was catastrophic. I came up with a huge nose, man that was ugly.I had another rhinoplasty 1 year ago and it's better now. My nose is still a bit large a crooked but it's not ******* ugly at least.I hated my chin too. I had a genioplasty 3 weeks ago and I like the result. I wouldn't say I am beautiful but my face is ok now, I feel "normal".One advice, if you're looking for plastic surgery be very careful with the surgeon you chose.In particular, correcting a crooked nose is very difficult. You really need a surgeon with a lot of experience, and don't expect perfection, just an improvement is better than nothing.Genioplasties in general works quite well, they have a high rate of satisfaction like 90+%, compared to rhinoplasty 57%.One last think, if you really hate your face don't wait like you're 35 to get surgery like I did.

Hi "weirdface". I think everyone has a weird face or beautiful face, it just depends how you look at it. One time my sister in law called a boy ugly and my niece got mad at her and told her that everyone is beautiful to somebody, so no one is ugly. I truly believe this. I am a 200 lb , 5'4 woman who has always had issues with how I look and how much I weigh. I'm married - for 10 years now and my husband adores me. He tells me constantly and to him I am beautiful. It took me years to accept the fact that someone could think I am beautiful. I still look in the mirror and don't' like the way I look, but am so thankful he likes me for who I am and try to find the beauty he sees. Don't hate yourself for what you look like! Surround yourself with people who know what true beauty is and who aren't so caught up in what everyone else decided beauty should be. Don't point out your "imperfections" to anyone. I pointed out my sons bone structure to my mom and dad and his dad and they're the ONLY one's who noticed his asymmetrical face. I told him not to point it out to anyone and he told me - point what out? This is how his face is and he accepts it and loves himself. You should do the same. I don't walk into a room and yell "200 lb. woman walking through!' I squeeze into my jeans and walk with as much confidence as I can find. It may seem hard, but try to find your best features - physical features don't count - and show them off. I know there's beauty in you! I found mine inside this large body, I know you can find yours too. Have Faith!!!

A truly beautiful post, thanks dleighc!

Wow.. I can't believe how many of you share similar stories to me. The right side of my face is completely hideous compared to my left, which isn't even that great either. I'm so afraid of people noticing. :( The people I've pointed it out to - with the exception of my parents - have agreed.. though they insisted they only noticed after I pointed it out. I hate myself for being born like this. It just is really the icing on the cake to the rest of all the crap I've been through. I have to be ABNORMAL, too? Just just ugly - literally deformed.

well compare yourself to those who do not want to get into an accident with a beautiful face and then have to suffer with trauma and accept something not so beautiful. everything happens for a reason. This probably helps u appreciate beauty like many others don't :)

My 13 year old son has an asymmetric face. I started noticing it a few months ago. I looked back on his pictures and it looks like this didn't start happening until about a year ago. He has thinned out a lot. One evening while eating dinner, his dad asked me why his face was swollen on one side. This was when I decided to bring it to his doctors attention. I took him to a doctor and before I could even mention the asymmetry on his face, she looked at him and said he was not normal- "this" pointing to her own face, looking at his " is not normal". I felt like slapping her. My son has never had an issue with his looks, infact he has always been really confident about himself. When we left the doctors office, he wouldn't stop looking in the mirror and sucking his right cheek in to try and make it match the left one. I think he is a very handsome young man. That stupic doctor hurt his feelings and made him feel really bad about himself. I did make him an appointment with his ENT- he has mild hearing loss in his left ear due to a vein behind his eardrum that is not protected by bone and has a mass on it. So, of course anything out of the ordinary scares me to death. I've searched and asked questions and it seems that facial asymmetry is just a physical thing and doesn't effect anything other than a persons physical appearance. Nobody's perfect - Nobody but God, so that dumb doctor is also not normal. I googled celebs with facial asymmetry and was suprised how many famous people aren't perfect. Weird, huh? I thought they were ALL perfect. Anyway, I'm sure you are perfectly you. don't worry so much about your "mutation". Don't point it out to anyone and I bet no one will even notice. I'm asymmetric too. my stupid belly is bigger than the rest of my body. Oh well! Love yourself and everyone else will follow!

<p>from what i<br />
was told by a kung - fu teacher who noteced i have the same problem my right cheeke is bigger then my left ,he told me for five minutes just make a bunch of silly faces, turn youre head slowly to one side to another while doing so side to side up and down , and take youre hands and pretend that u are struggling to claw through somthing and like youre really trying to open a huge double door with all youre strength.i know it sounds silly but for every day for 5 minutes and slowly youre face will begain to even out.</P>

its good to read about others like myself. somehow my head ,i think my whole body got squashed in my mothers 53 now so ive lived with this all my most of you, people don't notice it but you do in face is the same as you guys and i'm thankful to god that to others i look normal unless they have a good look thats when you start freaking out.over the years you learn how to deal with it there's always someone worse off than you.

I have a high cheek bone and strong jaw line. I only notice my asymmetrical face when i went to my dentist, I had a compacted teeth located at the right side. So he ordered for a Xray. When he saw d result of the Xray he told me.. "Look at your face, That's the reason for your asymmetrical face". And I was like What?! then I looked at the mirror and confirmed it myself.

My dentist told me the reason for my asymmetrical face is the growth of my teeth.

Hi there,<br />
I understand what you mean. I have an asymmetrical face as well. I was born with a deviated septum, and so since I couldn't breathe through the left nostril, I always slept on the left side and would use my arm to keep my face pulled so my nose would open and I could breathe. 18+ years of doing that, and the left side of my face is saggier than the right side. I had rhinoplasty with septoplasty and the Dr. still did not fix the issue, even though I can breathe better. Its still asymmetrical. My eyes are not aligned the same either. My hairline is asymmetrical, and my eye brows are very sparse so I have to draw them in. On top of that, I've had acne since I was 11, so have many scars. I also have an overbite. <br />
Sometimes I feel like a picasso painting, or a Mr. Potato Head whose face is all over the place. Especially when I look in pictures, I can pick out all the imperfections. <br />
I hate feeling like that. The only way for me to avoid it is to completely stop looking at pictures of myself for a period of time. Because in the mirror, I don't notice the asymmetry that much, because Im so used to looking at myself. Other people say Im beautiful, but thats a complete contradiction to what I see and know to be true about my symmetry. I feel inspired by shannon dougherty simply because she has very noticeably asymmetrical eyes, yet she is on camera and seems to be confident. Maybe a lot of these feelings don't accurately reflect reality? Similar to Dysmorphic disorder...I really don't know.

I have the same problem ! I am a girl too! And I constantly get "why Are you turning your head in every picture" .. I jus tell them it's my good side .. Shuts half of em up! Ive been lookin into surgery for me it's my eyebrow and nose :(

i really feel bad about this asymetrical stuff

its actually weird coz i didnt notice this asymetric stuff until really annoys me and i stare at the mirror a lot.i have changed glasses a million times thinking the fr<x>ames had problems of not being balanced but now i know it's my pains me alot

I had problems with my jaw - crossed bite, which made me chew more on the right side. The result: my chin was slightly on the right and my right cheek was fuller because the right cheek muscle had become enlarged from the chewing. Then I wore braces and my bite normalized. However, asymmetry is still visible - my chin is still a little on the right and my right cheek is fuller. <br />
My left face side looks so much prettier, especially in photos in profile. But I hate my right side. I hate smiling because my smile look uneven. <br />
I think the problem is not only caused by my jaw but also my skull is uneven. My right eyebrow is a little higher that the left one and the eyelids have slightly different shapes. However, I wear ticked rimmed glasses and side bangs so it is less noticeable.

Nobody's face is perfectly 100% symmetrical, just like with everything else -- hands, legs, etc... However, asymmetry DOES occur on a continuum, so that it's possible that one person's face may indeed have a higher degree of asymmetry than another, and hence, is more noticeable.<br />
<br />
Alas, this is the situation with me -- my face is so asymmetric it's embarrassing! I always hate having my pictures taken, and avoid these situations at all costs. Hell, I'm so self-conscious about this that I don't even own a camera (I just use my parent's when I have to take pictures). <br />
The left and right sides of my jaw are uneven, both in shape and height; my teeth's center midline is off by about 2mm; my tongue is positioned and slanted to the left; my right side of my lip is noticeably higher, so my lips appear slanted; and finally, my ears are positioned at different heights, so that when I wear glasses, they are inevitably slanted.<br />
<br />
Ok, lol, that's enough self-hate for one day.. 8D

I have the exact same problem, (exept for the jaw part). But I just recently found out because of that I look great when reversed in the mirror. <br />
I thougt it was the camera that did something to my face wich made me look like i`ve had a minor stroke, but the camera acctually shows you in your real perspective. I think it's really a matter of how you are used to see yourself. Thats why you see it in pictures while others see it in mirrors. (Sorry for bad english).

hello. i just searched on the internet to find anyone with similar stories and the solutions to cure it. my case is i feel my left part of body is significantly lower than my left, which causes me a lot of problems, not only the appearance but the physical health too.<br />
<br />
i think i have serious problems with my bone structure. m left eye is about 4mm higher than the right, my nose tilts, my right side of teeth are pushing a bit inward and so it causes more tension on the right jaw, hence my left face is bigger than my is very obvious that people can notice that not just on relection on pics. and it also makes me suffer when wearing glases, as i can't balance them , and o it makes more pressue on the left eye which makes me having eyebag, only on the left.not only face tilts to the left, but also slightly forard too.which my left cheekbone is higher than the right.<br />
i feel like a freak and i also hate to take pics. because it will more insignificant ...

Seems like no one here even mentioned the possibility of the asymmetry having been caused by plagiocephaly, the condition of having a misshapen skull. It could have originated from birth where the deformity might have originated during development due to cramped spaces or other issues. Abnormal sleeping positions might have also been a factor either worsening or causing the problem itself. A baby's head is relatively soft and malleable at first and gradually hardens as they grow up. That's the reason most treatments for plagiocephaly are undergone within the first year after birth using a helmet to readjust the skull into growing in the right direction without the need for surgery. But for some unfortunate individuals, the problem either goes unnoticed or is dismissed as a child. These seemingly minor asymmetries at birth might then become a gross deformity as an adult, enabling them to seek surgery.<br />
<br />
I myself share your story and have been contemplating what I could do to alleviate the problem for several years, now being 18. It has somewhat affected my self-esteem, though not too much for I've considered myself decently attractive when nice lighting is present. If not, my face in pictures or mirrors seems incredibly distorted and the asymmetry is hardly unnoticeable. <br />
<br />
There is little information on surgical treatment for adults with plagiocephaly online, and there is no easy way to render your skull shape normal, though some surgeons do offer ways to make it the asymmetries more subtle.<br />
<br />
If I'm correct, your jaw asymmetry is probably a direct result from the flatness most likely somewhere on the back of your head which would thus cause one side of your face to be more prominent than the other. One eye might be bigger than the other, your nose might deviate towards one side, and your angles might look, at least to you, drastically different. Think of your head as a ball of playdough. If the back of the playdough's "head" is smooth, so will the front. If it is pushed in or flattened at its back, then the area opposite the affected would be distorted. <br />
<br />
Hopefully this helps

My face is assymetrical as well. not only is it my eye but my mouth; when I smile one side smiles and the other side frowns, basically.

My eyes are also asymmetrical, as is most of my face. My pics from the first three years of high school look nothing like I do now. The asymmetry just kind of crept up on me and by senior year, the asymmetry was extremely noticeable. I've looked into some procedures such as neurocranial restructuring and KST, but you have to have money to get those. Anyway, it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there suffering with this.

Easy for you all to say... I too suffer from this, and its hard for me to be the confident guy i am. It just gets to me everytime i think about it. I know i shouldnt care about it, but it really bugs me how i look in pics and mirrors, so i rarely take pics unless im with good friends. I always wonder how someone would look at me from different angles, being paranoid sometimes when people stare. My left side is more developed than my right, and has stronger facial muscles and bones. I style my hair everyday to make it seem less noticable, which is a pain in the arse.

pics or it didn't happen

I have the same problem too; my whole face seems to be lopsided. It's my left side that's uneven though (but it looks like the right side when people face me). Idk why but I must also have some really lame DNA for this to happen (idk my parents; I'm adopted) but seriously it's pretty sad. Like in the mirror my face looks symmetrical. But if I have my picture taken -BAM! It's like a whole other person is staring back at me!!! <br />
Idk if this is my natural facial structure but in the 8th grade a basketball was kicked at my face and the left side got hit sending me to the hospital. That incident might've changed/contributed to my oddball face.<br />
For all of you with uneven eyes; count me in! Im the same!<br />
And yeah sometimes it's so weird how other people don't notice. I dislike having to pour it out because up till then people won't notice. But if I do tell them I feel like a spell was broken and they'll never view me the same way again (literally).

Thanks Wraither and everyone else for sharing. I didn't realise others felt this way.<br />
I hate my pictures too, I look like the hunchback of notre dame in some. The right side of my face is depressed so depending on the angle and camera, one eye looks higher than the other or smaller than the other and understand how demoralising it can be.<br />
The sad part is when I look in the mirror its not as noticable and truth be told I quite like my face.<br />
But there's always this nagging feeling and doubt in the back of mind that makes me not so confident with the ladies. <br />
So next month I'm going to consult with a plastic surgeon to see what we can do. If it means breaking my bones, resetting it in place, wearing a head brace for a year or two and cost a small fortune then so be it.

I have Bells Palsey.<br />
My nose is flat on one side and full on the other.<br />
My eyes are different shapes, one if bigger than the other which gives the illusion they are in different places on my face.<br />
one of my cheeks is sallow on one side and full on the other<br />
I also cannot smile on one side.<br />
<br />
Count yourself lucky it's only your eyes.<br />
however i wouldn't say i was ugly. just different.

I know exactly how you feel. Recently I noticed that my entire face is asymmetrical, my eyes, nose, lips, ears, even my head shape. It really gets me down which is ridiculous considering there is barely anything I can do about it. I never noticed till I took a picture either, when I look in the mirror I don't really see it which possibly because I'm so used to looking at my face at that angle. I did consider having some sort of surgery when I'm older but to be honest, I am incredibly lucky. At least I have a face in perfectly working order and arms and legs. People still seem to like me with my wonky face and I don't fancy becoming a model so I just need to get over it really. I'm just glad it's not just me in this kind of situation though! But we can both get through this:)

I know exactly how you feel. Recently I noticed that my entire face is asymmetrical, my eyes, nose, lips, ears, even my head shape. It really gets me down which is ridiculous considering there is barely anything I can do about it. I never noticed till I took a picture either, when I look in the mirror I don't really see it which possibly because I'm so used to looking at my face at that angle. I did consider having some sort of surgery when I'm older but to be honest, I am incredibly lucky. At least I have a face in perfectly working order and arms and legs. People still seem to like me with my wonky face and I don't fancy becoming a model so I just need to get over it really. I'm just glad it's not just me in this kind of situation though! But we can both get through this:)

I know exactly how you feel. Recently I noticed that my entire face is asymmetrical, my eyes, nose, lips, ears, even my head shape. It really gets me down which is ridiculous considering there is barely anything I can do about it. I never noticed till I took a picture either, when I look in the mirror I don't really see it which possibly because I'm so used to looking at my face at that angle. I did consider having some sort of surgery when I'm older but to be honest, I am incredibly lucky. At least I have a face in perfectly working order and arms and legs. People still seem to like me with my wonky face and I don't fancy becoming a model so I just need to get over it really. I'm just glad it's not just me in this kind of situation though! But we can both get through this:)

I'm pretty "live" in person, but my face is not symmetrical when you freeze it and examine it. I look awful in full-on face pictures!! Eyes don't match, smile is crooked (one side goes up, the other side doesn't). So I've learned a trick: turn your head to the camera at an angle (and figure out which side is the better side). Anytime someone takes my picture now, they get a shot mainly of the left side of my face. Whenever I see a group shot is in the works, I position myself on the end so that the head turning seems appropriate. Ditto for shots next to someone/something, I stand on the left. Now my pictures are not only less hideous, some are quite pretty! Try it!

my face is not symmetrical at all... one of my eyes are HOODED and the other DEEP-SET . its really weird... when i smile my mouth tends to go to the left side then the right.. one half of my nose is slightly smaller than the other ... one of my eyebrows are higher than the other. My face is absolutely horrible ... although my face looks fine in the mirror it looks bad in real like whenever i take a picture.. its really disheartening.. but there's nothing i can do about it... unless i go for surgery but it would be too painful .. im just glad that there are other people like me

O N LY 1 T H I N G H I WOULD SAY IS:<br />
the image u see in mirror is the image seen by others when they see you, and the image u see in ( double mirror- 2 mirrors @ 90 degree is the image they will see when they see you in mirror ! i have proof of it ,go to http://

O N LY 1 T H I N G H I WOULD SAY IS:<br />
the image u see in mirror is the image seen by others when they see you, and the image u see in ( double mirror- 2 mirrors @ 90 degree is the image they will see when they see you in mirror ! i have proof of it ,go to http://

I totally get it. I'm the same way and I see this more in the mirror or in photos. But you know what, I live with it because I'm pretty unique :) Chat on the Asymmetric and Gorgeous page on Facebook. Also, there are helpful details on We have to live with this and appreciate something better - we are alive! Follow asymmetricgorg on twitter too :) Take care.

like most of you i do have asymetrical eyes and it is even more blatant in picture. it looks as ugly as sin. yes sin, or even more than that. unless my asymetrical eyes i think i am very gorgeous. as a matter of fact and since on one ever found a solution to that, i have set my oun little theory about it. i think it might have been the result of upper jaw compresssion. my upper left teeth are jutting forward and as a result pushed my skull's left facial bones up and up and up until my eye socket touched my hair line. hell i NEED to fix my teeth. wish me the best please.

like most of you i do have asymetrical eyes and it is even more blatant in picture. it looks as ugly as sin. yes sin, or even more than that. unless my asymetrical eyes i think i am very gorgeous. as a matter of fact and since on one ever found a solution to that, i have set my oun little theory about it. i think it might have been the result of upper jaw compresssion. my upper left teeth are jutting forward and as a result pushed my skull's left facial bones up and up and up until my eye socket touched my hair line. hell i NEED to fix my teeth. wish me the best please.

like most of you i do have asymetrical eyes and it is even more blatant in picture. it looks as ugly as sin. yes sin, or even more than that. unless my asymetrical eyes i think i am very gorgeous. as a matter of fact and since on one ever found a solution to that, i have set my oun little theory about it. i think it might have been the result of upper jaw compresssion. my upper left teeth are jutting forward and as a result pushed my skull's left facial bones up and up and up until my eye socket touched my hair line. hell i NEED to fix my teeth. wish me the best please.

like most of you i do have asymetrical eyes and it is even more blatant in picture. it looks as ugly as sin. yes sin, or even more than that. unless my asymetrical eyes i think i am very gorgeous. as a matter of fact and since on one ever found a solution to that, i have set my oun little theory about it. i think it might have been the result of upper jaw compresssion. my upper left teeth are jutting forward and as a result pushed my skull's left facial bones up and up and up until my eye socket touched my hair line. hell i NEED to fix my teeth. wish me the best please.

like most of you i do have asymetrical eyes and it is even more blatant in picture. it looks as ugly as sin. yes sin, or even more than that. unless my asymetrical eyes i think i am very gorgeous. as a matter of fact and since on one ever found a solution to that, i have set my oun little theory about it. i think it might have been the result of upper jaw compresssion. my upper left teeth are jutting forward and as a result pushed my skull's left facial bones up and up and up until my eye socket touched my hair line. hell i NEED to fix my teeth. wish me the best please.

like most of you i do have asymetrical eyes and it is even more blatant in picture. it looks as ugly as sin. yes sin, or even more than that. unless my asymetrical eyes i think i am very gorgeous. as a matter of fact and since on one ever found a solution to that, i have set my oun little theory about it. i think it might have been the result of upper jaw compresssion. my upper left teeth are jutting forward and as a result pushed my skull's left facial bones up and up and up until my eye socket touched my hair line. hell i NEED to fix my teeth. wish me the best please.

It feels good to know that I'm not the only one who experiences it, when I'm on a webcam it really shows. I asked my parents they told me they hadn't ever seen it and when they came really close and looked at me for like 15 minutes they were like, hey you're right. I'm considered handsome by quite a few girls, but yet when I see myself in a picture I think what the **** is wrong with my face my eyes are just not on the same level while when I was younger I never had that problem in a picture. Also when I flip the picture around it doesn't look that way, my eyes are perfectly fine when I do that. Maybe its just a phase and it will go away as my face is still changing (I'm 17 years old). So yeah its weird tho maybe it has to do with like skin near my eyes because I get little sleep honestly I don't know. Well yeah as long as others do not see it, and in the mirror I don't either I'm fine with it. 8D

I have the same problem. It is as if I inherited one side of my face from my mother and the other side of my face from my father. (dad is responsible for the pretty side!) No one notices. One time I pointed it out to some one and they actually jumped back yelling, "wow!" They really didn't notice before. I am beginning to think it would be a good idea to play it up. Beauty is in imperfection, not perfection. The key is to be immaculate in all other ways.

Wow!<br />
I thougt am the only one with asymmetrical features. Well i look average but pics are sometimes really bad. But my hairstyle is now keeping it with me.

BTW - have any of you ever heard of plagiocephaly - I think you should be aware of it if you are going to have kids. This can happen from lying your baby too much on one side, whether it be on their front or their back. I think some ppl have softer bones than others in their genes. I have asymmetry and now so does my second child, but she also has plagio

Hi Zaki, Your message really worries me. Are you ok? Did your face recently drop, or has it always been like this? If it has only just dropped, it might be that you have some palsy and in this case there are things you can do about it including medications, exercises and surgery (on cranial nerve 7). If it is something that you have always had, you can also do things about it like surgery. It is not the end of the world and you are only 16. Go to the doctor and do your research. You should be looking for a referral to a plastic surgeon. They dont just do surgery, but can also look into the cause of the issue and what your options are. They know all about the bones in the skull, the muscle and soft tissue. Good luck hun xx

Zaki sister, you have issues! This story is almost 4 years old now, and today I think I'm beautiful the way I am. You should too! Add me to your friends list or something, I'd love to help you out.

My condition is similar but worse.<br />
Not only my eyes are not level but they are actually different to each othe my leftt eye i believe is the real me. The left side of my face is much prettier and looks like my mum and sister but the right is ugly. But it isn’t only my eyes my nose is oodd too. My right nostril goes higher than the left one and when i look at the side of my faceon the right the nose isn’t as straight as it is on the left. Recently iv noticed my mouth is ****** up aswell, i swear it wasn’t before but the right side is dropped lower – lopsided. My ears are also odd too. I noticed that years back but they don’t bother me coz i can hide them behind my hair, they don’t look to odd but you can feel the difference and they aren’t lopsided thank God. My eyebrows are different to but they match their eye so.. yh. I don’t show my face i keep my right eye hidden under my fringe and i have done for nearly a year now. It really hard because everyone says im pretty but thats only the left side of my face, and don’t believe its that good. Its extra hard cz im supposed to wear a hijab to cover my hair but i cant because i need my fringe to cover my face and i feel bad for it.<br />
Hijab – hides beauty but reveals ugliness<br />
And my fringe hides the ugliness and shows the ‘pretty’ side<br />
In my case anyway<br />
Iv tried many thing not operations or anything lol<br />
But praying <br />
If been to Saudi (last summer) and i prayed there, iv fasted, iv found special prayers for certain situations that link to my condition and i pray everyday and my daily prayers. Its so hard i cant believe im still doing it.<br />
Before Saudi i was on the edge but i thought everything would get better. And im still here now with the same problem. <br />
I feel that my eye – right is improving but im not sure- i only believe it coz i have alot of faith in god and i believe he will help me. And because i think i can see a difrence in the mirror from different angles. <br />
Its very hard living like this <br />
Its depressing <br />
I cant do anything, i cant even be myself i stay in all the time i make exuses to miss family event and i never go out with my friends shopping or anything – sad <br />
I want to be happy and talk to people but this puts me down and everyone thinks im an emo because of my hair and coz im quiet. I kind of am but i don’t want to be.<br />
If i be my real self- bubbly funny and stuf people would think im not an emo and i not deperessed and think im an idiot with my hair in my face. Thats why i cant be the real me.<br />
But i cant really be happy anyway because im always so down. All the time now.<br />
But i don’t give up i listen to music like justin bieber never say never <br />
Yh i might sound stupid but it helps abit<br />
And joe mckellderry the climb<br />
Nd other songs that can relate to me like a bit of t.i. follow your dreams<br />
Even though im so unlucky i always thank God for what i have <br />
My half ok lookin face my slim body flat stomach money health family n friends <br />
I just want my life to change i cant remember the last time i was happy i have happy moment sometimes like with friends and stuff but thats it all i have to do is look in the mirror and i want my life to end.<br />
I don’t know if anyone knows about it because they don’t seem to if someone knew theyd tell you or be quiet about it but every day people ask me to move your fringe out of the way- my mum my friend aunties, they ask me why i hide my face – would you really ask someone this if you why? They go on about how pretty i am which does my head in cz i wish i was and i no that im not with this problem. <br />
This makes me think its in my head because no one seems to know not even my mum who has sen my whole face every single day that i have been alive. Apart from the past year while it’s been covered. – Less than a year actually but yh. She always goes on about cutting my fringe and about me being pretty – prettier than Cheryl cole – is that a joke? I have been compared to her though by a few people. It raises my confidence a bit but theyr only talking about the left side aren’t they?<br />
And like i was saying my mum must know if its not in my head. She noticed Cheryl coles odd eyes in an tv advert i dint notice hers until i saw a picture, no where near as bad as mine though its only hr eyes and they are hardly different and shes stunning so it doesn’t matter.<br />
I don’t know waht to do anymore. I can only think of praying i think if God does help me and sort the problem out then ill be alot stronger as a person and as a muslim. <br />
But the thing is these aren’t the only problems theres other too. <br />
I think if the problem isn’t sorted my the time its my 16th birthday which is in march i might just have to kill myself, because i really cant go on. No one could understand the pain im goin though unless they i had ALL the PROBLEMS that i have and trust me theyr horrible. And if they pray everyday of theyr life as hard and as much as they can and they cry – theyr tears are like a waterfall almost everyday and they dont deserve it - they are kind friendly good religious people they don’t ever judge people if they see someone with a problem they don’t laugh they cry and thank god they havnt got it and theyv done things they really believe would help them and it hasn’t when their hopes were so high that they had NO doubt. And theyr alone, they keep themselves to themself and don’t shre their problems .<br />
And that aynt the end of it i just cant be bothered to go on – witting <br />
I know you might think your close but u arnt and i hope you thank God for what you have <br />
and please pleeeeees pray for me because i need as much help i can get in return il pray for you too i promise X –Sorry about the spelling and stuff i just rushed through it.

Dear Zaki20, I read your story and was touched so deeply. I signed up only moments ago &amp; don't know this site. Are you ok today, this very moment? Ok, as in, do you have hope? The Bible I read does not say to not have hope is a sin, but it refers to hope certainly by inference. It's very clear to me, hope, just like belief, is far more important than "facts," which are nothing more than "a high likelihood of repetition." Please write back, if only to say, "Hello, I'm safe today." Dearest girl, whose heart is so pure, the world is waiting for your contribution. It needs your contribution.

Found this thread when looking for makeup tricks to compensate for assymetry in eyes. Gals and guys, I'm in my mid 50s. I have congential unilateral micropthalmia (google it). As someone alluded above adolesence was not a pretty scene: did a number on my self-image. And as someone else astutely observed, (I am paraphrasing) these human flaws are the makings of character. There is NOTHING wrong with asymmetry on the human body. (Again, as stated above), It makes for beauty - if you allow it to do so. In European cultures scars and body differences are regarded with reverence because they are visible marks of one's complex journey. We all travel complex journeys. Those of us with clear guideposts for all to see have something special to offer. Never forget that. I'm not denying we want to minimize glaring differences because of our societal / cultural norms but (again, drawing from above) loving ones self -including one's flaws- is the greatest gift. Guess what - we have this slightly different DNA for a reason. Part of our journey is discovering that reason, embracing it and using it to serve others. Yes, serve. Know how joyful it is to give gifts versus receiving them? We have the opportunity to do that our whole life through. How amazing is that!!! Love yourself. No one else can truly love you until you do. I didn't make that up - I found out about it, and it has made all the difference. Best to all on your journeys.

Hey Sorry to hear this. I am suffering from same problem. But as you are talking about your eyes many times, I think you are suffering from pstosis. It can be cured in small surgery. I have done lot of research and found out if the case is not worse, there are no complications. I think you should give it a thought. I really can understand your regret. Be strong. Good luck.

I have the same problems with my eyes, a slight overbite and a mild case of scoliosis. Nobody has ever noticed the first two things, and they only notice the third when they run their hand down my spine so at that point im pretty familiar with them anyhow lol.

I feel the exact same. I have the EXACT same problem, and i hate it, so i just pull funny faces in every single photo i get taken, cause i think it looks so stupid.

Add me to the list of people with this unfortunate development. For science. Right eye, brow, and ear slightly higher up than those of the left side, a jaw that is all kinds of asymmetrical, and lower teeth that are slanted down and to the left. As a result of all of that, the appearance of my face is pretty different whether you look at the right or left side of it. Obviously. <br />
<br />
In regards to how it has affected my self-esteem, well, I guess it has been whittled down over the years, to the point of me being helplessly anti-social. But there are far greater reasons that factor into that, and I would be remiss if I did not say that appearance does not make a person. It can shape someone, sure, especially in those fragile early years of adolescence and young adulthood, in high school and such, where, because our nature decrees it, we start wanting to have certain kinds of relationships. But, simply put, there is a lot more to life, a lot that is far better than simple physical attraction. I can't guarantee that I would be saying the same thing if I had spent the last several years with a more symmetrical face, but I hope that would be the case, for the sake of humanity.<br />
<br />
<br />
--Someone that is alive and well, living somewhere in the world every second that you are, perhaps unaware that at times we are doing it quite harmoniously.

I totally feel you. My eyes are unevenly set, and I keep wondering why nobody seems to notice, cause it's blatantly obvious. I get especially frustrated, since the rest of my face looks really nice, then I have these relatively small, unevenly set just ****** me off.<br />
The eye area is probably the first thing people look at, and I know a girl who has a big nose, thin lips, but perfectly symmetrical, bright-colored eyes, and everybody thinks she's gorgeous.

I have this problem too, but here's something to bear in mind. You are used to the appearance of your reflection (obviously). When you see a photo of yourself, it is the mirror image of your reflection, so the asymmetry of your face is the opposite way round to how you are used to seeing it. Try looking at your photo in a mirror (or just use a mirror tool on your computer) and you'll probably think your photo looks a lot better. I hope that makes sense, it's kind of hard to explain.

Got the exact same problem man, and I noticed and reacted to it about the same way you did. It's as if my entire right side of my face is just growing and developing more and my right eye is slightly higher than the left and my jaw protrudes more toward my left side. So, it seems like my right side is developing more than the other for some reason. I did have maloclussion (my jaw still protrudes outward) but it was "corrected" by 7 years of orthodontics. By the time I got my braces off 2 years ago my bite was fine. Now, it seems to have shifted very slightly, just to where its no longer a stable and firm bite, and the jaw asymmetry has become more noticeable. Strange thing is I don't really notice any asymmetry unless I look VERY closely at myself in the mirror. However, when I see a picture taken of my face or I see myself on a webcam it becomes much more noticeable for some reason. Still, it appears none of my friends, family, or anyone else who looks at me can notice unless I expressly point it out.<br />
<br />
I'm 18 now, so I figure my face still has a bit of growing to do. Does anyone know anything I can do to solve this problem without the use of surgery, because if there is anything I will do it. Otherwise, surgery might be such a bad thing in the later years. It's fine now, since people cant really notice, but if it gets worse...

hmmm... i have the same problem my left side of the jaw is bigger then the right one. my teeth are also tilted to my left side of the face. when i look at my self in the mirror i dont really notice it as bad as i do when i take pictures and i dont know why ; this makes me very self consious because im not sure if people notice it and i am afraid to ask. my parents say you cant really tell but they probably just say it to make me feel better. a lot of people have tod me im pretty but i think im just average. One time i went to the dentist and they said i could get jaw surgery when my jaw stops growing. Ive have learned to live with it but i still feel bad some times

i have this same issue and i am so self concious about it. i cant even keep a girlfriend w.out always thinking about itt, i am told that i am good looking all the time but i really just do not see it. it sucks and i wish i could fix this issue but ik it cant be and i just gotta deal with it. its nice to see im not alone though

Wraither I have exactly the same issue, I didn't think to research this, even though I had thought about it, and I'm glad that someone is able to share their story.... to be honest it's not a big deal, however I understand how one can be very self conscious as a result of that, no one is perfect and no one is 100% happy with the way they look. I have noticed the same issue when it came to pictures as well, it's almost as though the mirror image in photos are like completely different to how you see yourself and certainly how others do, which is why I am very self conscious when it comes to photos...however there are ways of getting round that... still at first I thought perhaps I needed braces in order for my teeth to meet, however my stupid dentist told during my early teens that there was no need and my teeth were fine to which I now wish I said no and opted for braces. but yeah I think it's to do with my jaw line, it's terribly discomforting to have an asymmetical jawline I if I mention it to any of my friends they assume i'm paranoid, but I always examine my face all the time, and it's bugging me more and more. when I went to the hospital a second time for a check up, the surgeon said he'd be able to correct my jaw slightly but it was a long winded process that at the time , I was told wouldn't make much difference... I resent not doing anything about it though, it's making me more self conscious...<br />
<br />

Hey, that's cool.<br />
<br />
I used to be quite self conscious about my lips too. I understand completely when Angelina Jolie says how she used to feel she looked like a Muppet, lol.<br />
<br />
I don't know what happened but as time goes by, I think of them less and less - prioritizing about something else, I guess (or maybe just worrying about bigger things, ha) and now my lips are just something I have, something I am even proud of, from time to time :)<br />
<br />
Hope the surgery goes well!

Garagecomic: "... or brushing your bangs over one side, like Goldie Hawn and Shannon Doherty do." Brushing your bangs??? That sounds peculiar.<br />
<br />
I just realized that this old story has almost 12.000 views. Holy hell! Well, friends, my face has slowly started looking less odd, or maybe I just don't see it in the same way anymore. It doesn't bother me anymore. I'm stuck with it and have learned to love myself. I'm getting some jaw surgery some time this year or next year to enable me to bite properly with my teeth again. That might straighten out a few things too, but I've realized that looking good on the outside starts with looking good on the inside (mentally) and respecting yourself. I hope this helps someone out there who's too worried about their face.

everyone take this quiz to see how asymetrical you are<br />

i have exactly the same problem there must be something we could do, there must be a condiion for this