I Don't Know The Problem

i can't understand my mom neither does she!! she's awsome i mean i love her and i know she do too actually she'll do anything for me and she always make sure i'm happy but i never talk to her about my problems cauz i feel she wont understand me !! i feel fed up in here because everyone keeps asking but u never say what's wrong i alwways say ok im fine ect!! my sis she's the oldest one i admit i hattttttttte her sometimes some other no !! what i hate about her is that she take whatever she want to she's selfish and she think because she's the oldest one she's free to do wtever she want if she dosen't get what she wont she get angry and she star yelling im fed up of ever really!! may be sometimes im jelous of her cauzz she's so thinn she have a great body and she always gets what she wants on the expense of others and she doesn't care about a thing she always do wtev she want!!! i don't feel that anyone would ever understand me i just want someone to listen to me without interapting or making stupid jugment i want for once in my life someone who really understand me!! i know it's just a period of time but i really want to go out of here to live with my friends to get away to find someone whoo really listen!! is it too much to ask for someone who really understand you and listen to you !!!!!!!!!!!
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Aug 4, 2010