Listen up y'all. I will post whatever I damn well please, alright? Don't like it-simple. Block me. Bye-bye! Just because I like sex, does not mean I have issues. It means I'm a normal human with normal genitals and a normal (albeit possibly overactive) libido. Don't pretend to care as an excuse to judge. Don't take out your flat sex life on me. Don't use your religion or morals to judge me or think you have ANY right to control my life because I will do WHATEVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE. *drops mic*
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Well said

Good for you - too many people love to judge, to make themselves feel better about their ****** lives.

thank you :)


what was this supposed to say

I hate how they're such scaredy cats sometimes. But... guys aren't usually like that, so... it's slightly strange to hear this coming from a girl