Things That Annoy

-People who agree with everything you say

-People who disagree with everything you say

-People who think I'm being serious when I'm joking

-People who think I'm joking when I'm being serious

-People who walk too closely behind without passing me

-People who make assumptions about me (being an 18 year old girl I MUST like magazines and TV and have dating experience)

-Girls who are submissive towards guys wants and desires, ie. most girls

-People who act like your friend in some situations, but completely ignore you in others

-The tendency of most people to give in to what the media wants them to be/do/buy

-People who make events but ONLY mention/advertise/invite over facebook ("because EVERYONE has a facebook...")

-People who try to make you feel stupid, by contradicting or "topping" everything you say

-I'm not shallow, but it's annoying when people will spend hundred of dollars on clothes that are otherwise boring/ugly, but are plagued with "TNA!" "Roxy!" "Bench!" "Hollister, Est. 1809!", etc.

-Bench and TNA sweaters, even though they aren't people, they are dang hideous, much less classy.

And MANY more...

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Mar 7, 2010