It Helps To Be Blond And Cute.

I work with a girl who is a nice person but not very bright. She is also really pretty, a blond with an hourglass figure and pretty face, and gets whatever she wants because of it. She is a horrible driver and should have lost her driver's liscence but was able to keep it because she started crying in court and the judge took pity on her (male judge, obviously). Also she missed her flight to go catch a cruise in Florida and the damn airport put her on the next flight out and gave she and her friend FIRST CLASS tickets!!! If that had been me I would have been without a driver's liscence and would probably have been sent out on a flight 10 hours later in coach...or even the luggage area. :-p And probably would have missed the ship's departure. Sorry girls, but I guess looks do get you places.

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Well, I'm sorry if that was your experience with good looking people... But it's not always like that... I don't consider myself "gorgeous" or whatever, but I'm often been told that I look good, and yet, somehow I never considered just sitting around and waiting for my looks to open me doors in life (which never happened so far, btw). I hate people who do that.<br />
But because I happen to be blond and not- so- bad- looking, people automatically assume that I must be dumb, arrogant, and selfish, or that men are showering me with attention.<br />
In reality, the only attention I get from men is pla<x>yers and perverts approacing me- most of the nice guys never will, since they automatically assume that I have loads of attention anyway or already seeing someone. and so here I am, single as long as I remember. Sometimes, when I go out with my girl friends, they all get approached while I end up going home alone, for these very reasons.<br />
And believe me, most of the guys who do approach me don't care about my personality.<br />
I never got any special treatment. Not for a second did I consider looking down on someone because of their looks or whatever. And yet people tell me sometimes things like "oh, you probabely expect me to treat you like something special."<br />
That's hurtful. Maybe there are people who act like that out there but I don't see why I should be paying for their mistakes.

I hate how only girls get comments on their, a guy can come up to a girl and tell her she's cute, but if a girl did that to a guy, it would be seen as weird...also the whole thing where guys tell a girl to smile...that just creeps me out, like "ummm, why did a complete stranger just come up to me and order me to smile?"<br />
we still live in a sexist world.

Yeah well.... I always get what I want from guys, but if I have a girl infront of me... things are way different. I learned that beauty and intelligence work fine together, if you wanna use your beauty to get it all then you'll be in trouble, other girls dont like that.... and smart guys don't either. So.... get beauty tips, help yourself a little bit and be a nice person

I have been told that I am very pretty, and i find this to be so insulting. pretty girls do not just get what they it can get one in trouble. i do not get what I want...i have been in trouble, and honestly...girls do not deserve to be stereotyped like this. this is absolutely ridiculous. beauty without brains will get you nowhere.... this is shocking to me. one girl does not represent ALL pretty girls.

that reminds of a girl that was in my class ,the lecturers would always ask her to talk first coz she was ''the best n u should listen to her'' (!) ...made me want to think if i should wear mini skirt too n be blonde ! no matter how we tried she was still the best..

well id like to be able to sail on my beauty and not need a personality, lol

Wow, sorry to hear that. Yeah, pretties often tend to be vindictive as well as you found out with the crazy ex. I believe they treat people this way because they know they can get away with it. They sail through life on their beauty and never feel the need to develop a personality...or at least a decent one. Whereas averages to uglies such as myself must develop an actual persona and something resembling intellect in order to survive. Yet, we are often overlooked due to our lackluster exteriors. Sad...

This is so true, looks are everything in this superficial society. <br />
I had a situation similar to this with an ex-girlfriend who decided to be spiteful and file a false restraining order against me. She alleged that I had hit her during our break-up, We did have a nasty break-up but I never hit her or threatened her physically in any way. In court she put on a show for the judge by crying and acting overly emotional and melodramatic(something she was always good at). She won the case and now if i see her anywhere(i live in a relatively small town) I have to leave or she can have me arrested.