Felt Like He Didn't Care

It was hard for me to go and see a doctor about my depression in the first place. I didn't like having to go to a total stranger and discuss my personal problems. My mom pushed me to go to our family doctor, so I went. When I told him how I was feeling, he acted as if he could care less and he didn't take me seriously. I told him that my depression was making it difficult for me to function in my daily life. He had this annoyed look on his face and he asked if I go shopping. I said of course. Then he made a remark that my depression didn't get in the way of me doing that though. Then he laughed. I don't know if he was just making a joke to lighten the mood or if he was really laughing at me. I just felt humiliated. I never went back.

HurricaneLeia HurricaneLeia
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2009

That's awful!!

Oh my goodness, you should report him to the AMA, he's not fit to see people. I hope you have tried other sources to get help with your depression, it is a real and, thankfully, treatable problem. Don't let one jerk get between you and finding a way to help yourself get better and be happy.